Cramping a sign of PG????
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greeneyedgemini616 - May 25

Anyone please I am having funny cramps and af is not due for a week I am 8 dpo. I can't test till the 31st. What do you think?? Please someone HELP!


na25 - May 25

I am cd27 either 8 or 10dpo not sure...but same as you af cramping on and off......i tested and got faint line secnod line LOL hope i am not imagining it...still not sure if it can't count us an bfp or not...I think cramping is good sign...Good Luck


greeneyedgemini616 - May 25

I hope so I didn't have it last time and got a BFN so maybe I hope!


Ericka - May 25

I had strange cramping pulling sensation. It was different from my regular af cramps and were on one side. A few days later I got my BFP. If it is something you don't usually feel, thenit is probably a good sign. Good Luck.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 26

how many dpo were you Ericka when you got your BFP? Congrats by the way!!! I know it's way to early for af cramps and they are more like a stiffness and mainly in my back. Plus I have been full of air and I don;t know if that's a good sign or not. Na25 that would be a BFP even if it's faint.


na25 - May 26

oh, greeneyedgemini616 from you mouth to God's ears, I really wish it turns out to darker BFP :) Since this line is so faint, ghostly line but it is there...never before had that..either it is 1 line our once was 2 dark once when i was preggy with my 5 year old one. Now it is tricky, but like i said 8 or 10 dpo so will see:) will let ya know..Good Luck to you too!!!


DB - May 26

Yes for me!!!! I got my bpf at 12dpo...and I had mild cramping a little before that time. I think I implanted at 10dpo, as I had a big temp dip. Also, I don't get real af cramps until after she shows. Hope that helps!!!!


Ericka - May 26

I got my BFP, real early at 9 dpo. I was surprised it was positive that early, but I got a blood test done the next day and they confirmed pregnancy. na25, there are such things as evap lines, but those are colorless and real hard to see. If you are able to see it I think it is a positive. When are you going to test again?


greeneyedgemini616 - May 26

ok all of you I tested this morning 10dpo. And I got a super faint 2nd line. I really hope it means what I think because I never got that last time.I will wait a couple more days and see how it turns out.Na25 I really hope we arenot imagining things.LOL!!! Good luck! Ericka what were your other symtoms???


cmelissa - May 26

Wow everyone - congrats!! I find out on the 30th, I have been having mild cramping too, I had it though last cycle and wasn't pregnant!! Hopefully this cycle is different. Maybe I should take a pregnancy test too since everyone is having such good news!! I usually don't like to take them since I have never had a BFP! I beleive I'm 8/9 dpo.


Ericka - May 26

Congrats greeneyedgemini, I think any line is a positive as long as it has some color. False positives are very rare but they do happen. You can try, they tell you alot about the hpts. Call your dr. and see if they can get you in to do a blood test to test your beta hcg. That will tell for sure. The only symptom I had that early on was the cramping pulling sensation, about a week later my boobs started to get sore. Let us know what happens.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 26

I thnk it may be an evap line. I will wait a couple days and see. I hope this month is it. I am so impatient. na25 no more testing?


Mandi24 - May 26

hey green ... i hope it is a bfp for u !!! today is cd20 for me... i have been having some cramping too.. like dull ache feeling in my abdomin. almost like af but mild.. some times it seems like it is all the time..and other times not.. so i dont know.. ill be testing toward the mild of next week.. i wish you lots of luck !!!


greeneyedgemini616 - May 26

Well Mandi I am cd 23 and supposed to test on Wed. next week. I just wanted to test early but I won't call the dr. till I get BFP around that time. Sometimes I think I want to see that second line so bad that I imagine it there. Who knows! LOL! I hope this is everyones month!!! I also wish you GOOD LUCK!!!!!


greeneyedgemini616 - May 29

I took a test this morning and got a BFP!!!! I am so anxious. I will wait till Wed and then head to my doc's to have it confirmed. I might go tomorrow. I am so excited!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!! Oh yeah the cramping had went away now it's just my bb's being really sore and still craving weird things. I am not usually a picky eater but i sure am now!! Good luck to everyone!!


greeneyedgemini616 - May 29

Ok now I took a digital and got BFP!!!!!! I am so excited!!!


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 29

I am having cramping - normally i dont cramp until AF is here , AF is due on thursday - I have been temping, and my temp has stayed steady I am currently 11dpo. I am afraid to test as I dont want a negative. I have PCOS, and my hubby and I have been trying off and on for 4years. --- Is this a sign???? I also have had headachaes since 5 dpo.



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