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Special K - May 17

I started my first round of clomid on April 28th. I was told to make sure i have sex every other day from the 12th-19th of may. Today i am cramping alot in my left ovary. I took an ovulation test and the line in the 2nd window was barely even there. I am so confused. From what i can tell the 12th-19th is kind of late shouldnt i have ovulated before this. Any ideas on why i am cramping or do you think it is ovulation time and its not showing up on the test because of the clomid. Any help would be great as this is our 2nd try. I recently had a miscarriage at 12 wks. I am in need of someones advice... i am surrounded by the testosterone ocean. I need a females opinion. Thanks for any advice.


... - May 17

Sorry cant help u.


Amanda - May 18

Special k We are on clomid also. this is my 5th month on it i am on day 27 right now my dr told me to do it everyother day 10-20 but all doc are differant the cramps could be and ovulation just have sex every other day 10-20 and if you ovulate you will not have to worry about missing it good luck you will be in my prayers


For Amanda... - May 18

Thanks for the response. I am confused about something though... what does 10-20 mean. Does that mean on the 10-20 day after my period starts or the 10-20 day after my last clomid pill. Sorry for the question... i am new at this. Thanks. Special K


Crystal - May 18

Hey special k. I this she meant cycle day 10-20. You would count the first day of af as day number one. Just curious... what days are you taking the clomid. I am on my 2nd round of clomid and i am taking it days 5-9. Are you also taking metformin? I am taking that 1500mg a day. Do you have PCOS?


For Crystal... - May 18

Hello. Yes i do have PCOS. I was diagnosed with it when i was 18. I am on clomid 5-9. I am also taking metformin 1500mg. As i mentioned before... this is my first cycle of clomid. I recently had a miscarriage at 12 wks. My doc said that because of the PCOS that the clomid would be good for me. I was concerned because i already ovulate but from what my doc says it will only help me produce more eggs. Thanks for the advice. By the way... my name is KIM, i go by special K on here.
Feel free to email me... at [email protected]


Crystal - May 18

Kim> I am starting my second round of clomid. I dont have a period at all. I have to have provera to induce af. I was also diag at 18. I am 20 now but have been married for two years. I ovulated last month but it was way late like cd 22. So they increased the clomid from 50mg to 100mg . I just finished taken 10 days of provera to induce af and i should start today or tomm then i will take clomid days 5-9. We are hoping for a baby this time. Good luck to you kim. Where are you from and how old are you?


For Crystal... - May 19

Hello... I am 25 and i live in VA with my husband. Thanks for the response to my posting. Sometimes trying to concieve can get very frustrating. I have been cramping for the past 3 days. I am not do for my period for another week but when i was pregnant a few months ago i had the same thing. I am keeping my fingers crossed but if not this month then i am just going to have to try for next month. I hope that things go well with your cycle this month. Good luck and feel free to write me at [email protected] lots of love to all ya girls and good luck to everyone. KIM



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