Cramping 9dpo?
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Hopeful for May - May 24

Hi all! I am now 8 dpo. 2 dpo, my nipples got very sore, then 4dpo, I got shooting pains in my breasts - they're not tender but sore/achey. I've been a little tired in a wierd way too - not tired during the day so much as ready for bed earlier and earlier in the evening. I've had creamy cm since ov 2dpo Yesterday, at 8 dpo, I had a sore adbomen - as if I did 100's of sit ups. It actually hurt in my abdomen when I cough! Today, 9dpo I'm bloated and my previously sore abdomen now feels like it's stretchy. Could this be a sign? Thanks in advance for any help at all!! GOOD LUCK!!


ss - September 16




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