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Ali - May 19

First of all, my periods are very irregular. My last cycle was 81 days, 45 days, 45 days and 61 days. I never have much cramping, but starting around april 18th, i started to get huge cramping. I had very sore breasts, sore erect nipples, and huge water retention. this lasted almost 2 weeks until my period came on may 2nd. It lasted 11 days and cramping lasted the whole time. It has now been 6 days since my period had ended but i still have a bit of cramping in mu uterus. I am sure that it isn't gas, constipation, or diherrea or anything like that. We are TTC 8 mos but have taken HPT with a BFN each time. Anyone else experience similar cramping and found out what it was?



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