Cramp with out ov. and not preg
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fiona1 - May 1

I have been on cilest pill for 10 years, came off in jan07 had a period in feb mar and april but not due another until 14 may but im having really bad cramps at the minute, im not pregnant not ovulating cause im using the sticks to find out when i am please can someone help


erika62897 - May 2

Fiona...there are many different reasons for the cramping. My sister cramps because of her endometriosis (I don't think I spelled that right). I would cramp when ovulating...not from ovulation pains, but because (as I recently found out and had fixed) my right tube was wrapped tightly around my right ovary, so as my ovary would swell, it would become constricted. I hate to say it, but I would suggest seeing your doctor...whether RE or OB/GYN. They might have some better answers for you than I do.



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