Could you look at my chart please
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Freckles - April 21

I dunno what to think about this, its my first time temping and I was on clomid day 5-9 does it look like I might of Ovulated yet?


wannabeamom - April 21

I looked at your chart and I don't think so. But, I don't do BBT. I use an OPK. Pee on a stick! I find it easier. Goodluck Freckles.


DB - April 21

Some people get a dip like that right before ovulation. It seems to me that you haven't ovulated yet, but like wannabeamom I don't chart. I should, but I don't.


isa - April 21

I did bbt for about 13 months. You cant tell yet if you ovulated as you need 2 days rise and you only have one. If it goes up tomorrow higher than today I would say its possible that you have but normally it takes a few days to get the whole picture of what is going on. Check you cervix is it high and open? If it is and you can barely reach it chances are you are very fertile as you also show ewcm and an increase in temp. The one thing about bbt is you only know you ovulated AFTER you have and then it is too late to bd. When in doubt have fun bd. I recommend you also start using opk's next month to assist with you bbt and the conjuction of those with ewcm and cervix postioning and openness should give you lots to go on. Never go by temp alone. FF has several times told me I ovulated and I hadnt (confirmed by ultrasound)so dont take ff for gospel. As DB says some dip before they ovulate, I do. I have a very slight gentle dip before I ovulate but you wont know that for you until you've actually been doing it several months. You will start to notice a pattern if you have a regular cycle (within a couple of days) and can compare your months with each other. It also will save you on hpts. Often I will know by cd23 or 24 (and as early as cd21 sometimes) if I am out of the race for that month as my temp will start its decline. Saved me tons in hpts.good luck.


En - April 21

Hi Isa:) Me too. Mine will oso dip by cd23/24. But I ve a longer cycle ard 33-35. Esp since i usu shld O ard cd16, my gyn was a little upset tat my temp did not remain high for at least 10dpo.. Well, mb tat's y no luck for the past 20 ttc:p Freckles--It does help to ve several BBT to understd ur very own body's pattern. Hope it's ur mth! Baby dust to all!


Freckles - April 23




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