Could you get your period when your pregnant
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leigh - November 9

Hey i have been getting some signs of pregnancy and all m friends say that i'm pregnant but i have still been getting my period, can u still get your period when your pregnent? but when i have been getting it it only lasts for 4 days or around there.


Stacey - November 9

Hello. My friend Jill thought she was pregnent and then she started her period so she was glad. Well about five months down the road she was having illnesses and decided to go to ask her dad, a doctor, to give her check ups. She was five months pregnent and her period didnt stop until her seventh month. My sister had hers for the first two months and now i think i may be in that same boat as you!


nicole - November 17

yes my aunt got her period until she was 5 months pregnant so yes it is normal


jenn - December 4

can you get pregnant on your period


Jessica - December 7

This is not quite an answer for you, but I have been told that you really can only spot because your period is to get rid of your old eggs and to replace with new ones.


rachel - March 23

Im a bit confused on this 1 too, as my period is normally every 25-28 days and lasts for 4-5 days, but my last normal period was 16 feb and my next period was 15 march and only lasted the 1 day, i done preg test on the 16 march but showed neg, so wha do you think this is from or could it be that i could be preg? Please give me some advice as really baffled.


Lindsy - September 9

my period was late, took two pregnancy test both came out possitive, but i'm still getting my period, i've also been getting a few signs of pregnancy, i've always heard you can still have your period while being pregnant, but is it true.


M'Rita - September 9

Hi Girls,

This is just the question that has been worrying me for the past week. I had my period on the 23rd August, but I’m now getting some pgcy symptoms, like being sick, back pains, but no tender breasts. I also got a really bad head cold last week, which is soo rare for me, as the last time I got cold was years back. I’ve heard that it’s common to get a cold early in your pgncy. I didn’t do any HPT, as since AF arrived I thought that there is no need.
I also read that if you get pg close to your AF time, you will still have it as your body would need to complete that cycle.
Lindsy, are your periods just like the normal once or there are lighter?
Thank you all girls.


laura - September 12

a period during pregnancy usually appears lighter than usual and it iis certainly possible for this to happen but until you have your pregnancy confirmed by a doctor dont get your hopes up it could just be a change in your cycle due to age,stress,weight and many other reasons.


libby - September 13

yes you can my mum got hers for 8 of the nine months she was pregnant with my sister



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