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Anny - January 19

ok...iv been ttc for about 6 months now and i was beginning to loose hope and now my af was suppose to start today but no signs of her! :} cramping but not as bad as i normally do then the day of or the night be4 i get a HUGE headachhe and hopefully this is it and she wont come..pray for me please as i will do the same!!thanx,.......XOXOXO


ema52 - January 19

Hi Anny. I am in the same boat as you. I am on my 3rd round of clomid and my cycles are usually around 30 days. I am CD 34 and no sign of AF. I am also having headaches...that's very unusual for me. Keep us posted with what happens. I was also blaming my condition due to stress, but who knows. We can only hope for the best. Baby Dust to you Anny!!!!


tk07 - January 20

hi! good luck guys! i just had my 3rd round of clomid and got a + this morning cd 32 and 16 dpo.
what cd are you on anny? is it too soon to test?
good luck!


Anny - January 22

bad news....i got my af the next day..:{ so guess i have to keep trying..



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