Could this be an early pregnancy sign?
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Becky - June 3

I have not had a period for 6 months. I had a pap test and stuff recently which all came back normal. Im in a rut with health insurance so I really can't get any meds to bring on my period or to try clomid, which I really want. Any how, I have taken ovulation kits which showed surge lines indictaing that Im still ovulating. So my husband and I have been holding on to hope that we may still get pregnant.

For the last 2 weeks, off and on I have been having diarhea with everything I eat. I have also been getting bouts of nausea and some shooting breast pain. I have not taken a test in a while because I feel very silly with not having a period and all. Is it possible that I may have gotten pregnant? Can a person even get pregnant without having a period for this long? I had diarhea with my DD and that is why I suspect it, plus the other little syptoms.


Erica - June 4

I don't know if the symptoms you're having could be from early pregnancy, but I do know that you can get pg without having a period for such a long time. My sister had very irregular cycles and got pg. Originally they thought she was a lot further along than she was because of when her last period was but when they did the u/s she was only about 6 weeks along. I think it had been at least 4 months since she had a period. The way your body works is that it ovulates and then your period comes so it's possible to get pg without having a period first. I don't know the odds of it but it's possible.



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