Could The Tarot Reader be Right ?????????
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Lisa - August 4

Hubby and I at seperate occasions went to see a tarot reader and said to us that if we don't fall pregant by December we may have to do IVF. Has anyone fallen pregnant after going to a reading? I just feel completely disturbed by the fact we may have to resort to IVF.


Amber - August 5

Hi Lisa,
I have had a fortune teller tell me that I will be pregnant either in September or really have to wonder if what they say is really true, eh!? Don't stress out over it...plently of tarot card readers have been wrong!!!!!!


Amy - August 5

I have never gone to one. I always wondered if they were real. I would like to go to one, for fun though. see what they can find out about me. lol. anyhow, best of luck and lots of baby dust to you!


Sue - August 5

Hi Lisa, I saw a tarot card reader about 3 years ago and she said I needed to be carefull as she could see me having an unexpected pregnancy. Then in Feb this year I saw another one after more than 1 year of ttc. She said I had babies all around me but unfortunatly there would be delays in having a baby and she could see us needing a little bit of help but nothing too serious. Well in April I found out I was pregnant so I assumed she had been wrong, unfortunatly I mc'd at 13 weeks. I am really hoping that was our delay and everything will be ok now. I guess that shows you they are not always right. Nothing the 1st one said came true. You may need to look on the positive side of the reading, you still have a few chances to fall pregnant by December. Take care


to lisa - August 5

i went to see a tarot reader and she told me things that really messed up my head i was really confused hurt and almost through my marriage away by what she told me about my dh. he was really annoyed but i decided to put faith into my partner and tried to forget anything the woman told me. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY so don't put yourself down and forget anything she said. good luck xx


Krystle - August 5

Don't let what the tarot reader get to you. I went to one last year and I was told that I should start eating a lot of dairy because I was gonna get pregnant by new years. Well that was last october and we are still ttc. Not to mention the fact that the tarot reader said to start eating A LOT of dairy. During my ttc journey I have found out that while ttc you should CUT BACK on dairy as a sugar in it (galactose) has been proven harmful to the fuction of ovaries. If you ask me I think they are all scam artists. And I am sure that there are women out there that would disagree with me, and thats fine. But when they do hit the nail on the often is it "I see you are having problems with your relationship" (how original) or..."I see you're having financial problems" (even better) I myself, or any of you for that matter could be a tarot card reader, or a supposed psychic. All you need to do is look people straight in the face and tell them what they want to hear...or what they don't want to hear. As long as you seem sincere when you are talking to them they will believe you. Lisa, continue on your ttc journey with a positive attitude. Keep your head up ladies...we will all get our bfp's soon enough! ~*Baby dust to all*~


hayley - August 7

well i think that there are sum brillant tarot card readers but it is finding them! there was sum gud things that i was told by a tarot reader that have cum true but when i asked about having children she sed i will have children soon that was fine, but you sould not rely on them as u can get hurt if things dnt turn out the way they might have sed.i go just to she what they have to say



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