Could something be wrong?
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KHerrera - August 24

I'm 24 years old and my husband and I have been trying to concieve for over a year now. We have a 2yr old little girl that we concieved while I was on the pill loestrin. Surprise! But now that we are actually trying...nothing. In March we had a miscarraige at only 3 weeks, but the doctor said that in early pregnancy it is normal. He did an exam said everything looks fine and I shouldn't have trouble getting preg again. Well, its 5 months later and no luck. Could something be wrong? How long should it take? I've tried tracking my cm, but I don't always notice a chance. Maybe I'm not ovulating? I've even tried the benedryl and rob. Please, help. I want to be pregnant by Christmas.


m - August 24

I read that benedryl is bad for ttc. It dries you up and makes you acidic, when sperm is alkaline. This can kill the sperm.


m - August 25

Hi! I agree with M.. Robitussin is supposedly good, but I heard anything with antihistamine (sp?) will kill the sperm and make the environment acidic.. Check the labels.. Good luck and baby dust to you!


leonia - August 25

you should buy some ovulation test strips so that you know the exact date you ovulate.i have the clear blue easy fertility helps alot by pointing out the dates before you ovulate and let's you know it's's kinda pricey but it's cheaper on ebay.good luck all ttc



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