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**BRIT** - November 3

Hey ya all... Well I was just wondering if any of ya could help me out.. See I took the depo shot in April and it was suppose to be over in June.. so since then we have been trying to get prenant... well the thing is.. last month on the 24 I actually got a full, long, heavy blood flow..instead of the spotting and dark blood i had been does this mean Im ovulating again? And if soo do you think I can get pregnant now? We have been having unprotected sex since the day after my period ended...?? PLEASE HELP.. anything is appreciated!!


Laurie - November 4

It could be that you are ovulating again but sometimes it can take a whole year for your body to get back to normal after being on birth control. Good luck don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen right away.


Ashley - October 25

Ok I feel weird asking cause I don't think it can happen, But I feel like I am pregnant again. I had my son Dec of '02 an have been on the DEPO for almost 3 years. So my question is can you get pregnant on the shot? I have everything but morning sickness. Plus, The way I found out I was pregnant with my son was a blood test. My pee test was neg. Please Help!!!



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