Could it be???
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Heather - June 21

Hello Ladies, I’m hoping someone can help me, I was supposed to get my period yesterday (June 20th) as of now I haven’t gotten it. I have been ttc for over a year but on Clomid for the past 2 months. This past month I started Clomid a day late I was to start Clomid on day three on my cycle but I didn’t make it to the pharmacy so I started it on day 4. Could this be why my period is late?? Any comments would be helpful….Thanks a bunch!!


Drew - June 21

Hi Heather, maybe because you took it a day late, your cycle is delayed by a day? I don't know for sure...its just an idea. Hopefully I'm wrong and you are pg! Good luck!!


ktl - June 21

Are you charting your basal body temps? If so, are they still up, or have they dropped? If they are still up that is a good sign, although it still may be nothing. I really hope you are pg and you may very well be, but try not to get your hopes up so high you are crushed if you are not. I have switched to Femara after two cycles of Clomid, but last month on Femara I was two days late, which I NEVER am, and I really got my hopes up. The second day I tested and was convinced the test was wrong when it was negative as I knew that I was never that late. The next day my temperatures dropped and af came.


Heather - June 22

Drew---that's what I’m thinking---------ktl---I have been charting my bbt and it is so out of whack, I'm charting it because my obgyn is making me, but I don't trust it! everyday is different, one day it's way up and the next day it's right back low again there is no pattern and I hate taking it I feel that it is such a waste of time. Thursday I have a follow up apt with my fertility doctor and if I haven't gotten my period by then, then I will obviously ask for a blood test. I'm scared to take a hpt, because if it’s negative I don't know if I’ll believe it, and I’ll want to test again and again, so I think I should wait to see the doctor.
I wonder what else could be causing my period to be late, it's after 9pm (my time) and still no's almost 2 days late, and I’m going crazy! Any other comments would be helpful.


Heather - June 22

I'm now 2 days late, could this still be because I started clomid 1 day late? Has this happened to anyone else?


Drew - June 22

Hi Heather, are your periods usually on time? From the research I've done you should have a period about 3 weeks after you took the last pill. If it is 2days late you should be able to do a hpt by now. :)


Heather - June 22

Hi Drew, No my periods are not regular, by that I mean extremely irregular, last year I had 2 periods in the whole year. I've been on Clomid for 2 cycles and before that I was on Provera and while on these medication by period has been bang-on. So I’m thinking I should take a hpt?? Any other suggestions or ideas who be most appreciated. Thanks again Drew.


Heather - June 23

I'm late 3 days now...I took a hpt this morning and it was negative (I’m convinced that they don't work (LOL)). Should I still be hopeful?? I should be getting a positive reading by now.... shouldn’t I?? PLEASE HELP!!!


Drew - June 23

Heather, when I was pg with my daughter hpt's never showed up till late in the third month. If you really feel that you are request a blood test. I too am convinced those things never work...its a consipracy.... lol! Any way, good luck!!



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