Could I have Miscarried?
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Libs C - May 24

I was on Gonal-f last month and had cramping, breast tenderness and pain in ovaries (which are all good signs of preg) after ovulation but then my period started 20 days after my last cycle. Could I have been preg and then my body rejected it? Doc is having us take a month off drugs because my ovaries think that I am preg even though I am not. What is going on?


Mega - May 24

Are you saying AF came 20 DPO? That's an awfully long leutal phase. It's possible that it was a chemical pregnancy or maybe even a blighted ovum. However, from what I've heard it's not too uncommon for an early m/c to have occured either. So yes, I'd say it's possible that you were pg. but not necessarily that your body rejected the baby per se. If your body thinks you are pg, it sounds more like a chemical pregnancy though. Taking a forced break is tough, but hopefully it'll do you some good. I'm sorry about this cycle. Hopefully next time you'll get that BFP & a sticky bean. Hang in there. I wish I could help more, but all that's conjecture really. What does your dr think?


Libs C - May 25

Thanks for your responce Mega. Actually AF came 20 days after my last AF. Two full cycles in one month! The chem preg makes sense. That was a new term to me. You have been so much help. Hope next cycle from now things will coordinate better. Doc just said that she would add progesterone with next round of meds. (that is to help the lining, I think?) She did not really give me details as to what she thinks happened. Just seems like as we are take two steps forward we are also taking one step back and discovering yet another concern to address, but that is how the process works. And we are seeing results like happy ovaries so there is progress.


Mega - May 25

Yes, that's probably one of the best descriptions I've heard in a long time about the process of TTC, 2 steps forward & 1 step backwards. But you'll get there! I'm glad I was able to help a little. There are so many new terms you'll learn. I think of it as a foreign language, I speak infertility. :) The progrestrone supplement will just keep your progesterone levels up. It's necessary in pregnancy to have at least a level 10 but higher is preferable, prog. is also an indicator of ovulation. What CD did you O this past cycle? I wonder if maybe the Gonal F made your prog. level so low that's why you didn't really have much of a leutal phase. It sounds like that's what your dr thinks too hence the progesterone supplements next time. It's all about finding what works best for you. Hopefully your dr will soon find the magic combo for you. Hang in there. Happy ovaries--that's a great start!


Libs C - May 25

Thanks for all the encouragement. It has been quite reassuring! And I agree about the foreign lang. There is so much to learn. Until experience IF you really don't realize how much it effects so many aspects of you life. I did not realize that Gon F could lower the prog levels. I received a hCG shot on day 9 of cycle and had positive OV results on home tests on days 10, 11 and 12. Thanks again.



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