Could I get preg with these temps??
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Jamie - August 14

I took clomid CD 5-9 this cycle. I used fertility friend which pinpointed my ovulation at CD 22 - my temps since then have been CD22- 97.7, CD23 - 98.1, CD 24 - 98.7, CD25 - 98.3, and CD26 - 98.0.... my coverline is 97.9. I am concerned about the 98.0 - even though it is low it is still above the coverline. Could I still get pregnant with these temps? I also would like to know how long will my cycle be this month if I o'd on CD 22? Thanks!


Ginger - August 15

Anything is possible. There is no definite way to know except waiting and testing. If you are average, (who is?) you should have a 36 day cycle this time. Average LP length is 14 days, but can vary by a few days for different people.


Jamie - August 15

Thanks Ginger - I hate this waiting part of it. I guess I will just wait and see what happens!



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