Could I be Pregs? Weird
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El - February 20

Hi, my husband and I had unprotected sex around ovulation. Then I got my period that month a couple of days late (thats usual for me) but it only lasted 2-3 days and was pretty light on the 3rd day. This has never ever happen as I usually bleed for 7 days and it's a constant flow over that time. Some one told me I could be preg? Is that true....I haven't taken a test yet. ????


Bray69 - February 20

It's possible. I had (what I thought) was my period when I was first pregnant with my oldest. Do you have any other preg. symtoms? If so test.


El - February 21

Not really...I don't feel sick. My boobs seem bigger and my skin is very clear (first time in a long while). I'm going to take a test....


ciera - February 21

I had the same thing for two months. It was weird I am normally very regular. I was told as well from people that they had the same thing happen to them. I'm supposed to get my period on Thurs. Did you take a test??



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