Could I be Pregs? Advice please
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El - March 6

So, I've been trying to conceive and doing the BD on all the right days etc but I got my period in Feb. It was extremely light and only lasted about 2 days. Now, I'm waiting on my March period (I took a test on Friday but it came back negative) but today I spent most of the day extremelyyyyyy nausated. No dizzyness just really quesy like I was going to be sick but never was. Thoughts? Could I be pregs? How long does it take to get a positive test result?


ConfusedMom2B - March 6

I've been thinking the same thing about me! I have been eating okay, but lately I have felt extremely nausated as well, and I've been going to the restroom more than usual. I don't know if this could happen this quickly without me knowing that I'm pregnant.. Am I explaining myself okay? I just don't know how to explain it.. I guess. Hopefully someone will help us answer our questions! hehe


El - March 6

Absolutely. I took the test on Friday because i had all these other signs but it was negative. Then over the weekend i had more signs! I had a night that a sign? ive never had one before! then this morning omg i was so so nausated! but never actually vomitted! I should take another test in about a week.


ConfusedMom2B - March 6

I've read a lot of other people's stories about those HPT, and they say that if you are having all of those signs.. then go to the doctor and they can run a blood test on you. I don't really believe in those HPT anyway. I think when I know I have some signs like you, I will go to the doctor for a blood test. Maybe you should schedule one for Monday or Tuesday, just to be sure.


babyloves2play - March 6

I agree about getting an hCG blood test. They are more sensitive. I used to work in a lab as a lab tech and that was how I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child way before I missed my period. Now I'm wishing I was still working there because I'm having lots of pg symptoms and I'm only 6 dpo and the symptoms started around 2dpo. I hate waiting to do an hpt. I just bought 12 tests so I can do one every day for the next week. My period isn't due until the 14th. Ughhh!


Pinky - March 6

Hi babyloves2play! I am also due on 14th march. Lets wait together. Which symptoms u r feeling. For mine I wrote question as "i am feeling Implantation". U can read and comment. Thanks.


babyloves2play - March 6

Hey Pinky, I have been feeling sick off and on, breast tenderness, hot flashes, headaches, crampiness, weepy, decreased appetitie. Today hasn't been so bad yet. I hope I'm pregnant but I'm afraid it may be symptoms from clomid (took it cd 5-9). This is the second time around....first time no symptoms except grumpiness around time I took it. So, I'm hopeful! I'm on a 31 day cycle. Do you think my symptoms could be pg symptoms or clomid related? I read your post and I wonder the same thing. I wonder if all the cramping (almost like af) is conception or implantation related. I've never had cramping over a week before I'm due. I usually only cramp day I start period. How about you?


ConfusedMom2B - March 6

So, you can have signs WAY before you even know that you're pregnant. I've been going to the bathroom twice an hour and I'm drinking the same that I always do. And, I'm nausated. Could these two be signs before I even know?


ConfusedMom2B - March 7

not pregnant. :( that clearblue digital pregnancy test is pretty cool all considering. i didn't get the results that i want, but oh well.. i'll keep trying.


El - March 9

Don't worry, keep trying! I'm due for AF on Saturday...fingers crossed it doesnt arrive! I'm so bloated...on and off....feeling better today... very hungry though! That could be AF though. Oh well...wait and see


Pinky - March 9

babyloves2play , Some how I didn't read your post after 6th..Well How udoing now...Any more symptoms? I have updated my stuff on"i m feeling implantation". I m very very very sad today...I don't know what to think...Till yesterday I was feeling like I am already pregooo...and today!!..Things get change very fast...Even yesterday I took doctor's appointment for today..Well in the morning I cancelled it...Sooo Saad.......


babyloves2play - March 9

I'm sorry you are sad Pinky. You haven't started Af yet right? I'm due on the 14th. Most of my symptoms have left also. I still have breast tenderness and twinges in my lower abdomen and for some reason more lower back aches. That is a new one on me. All hpt's still neg. Trying to stay positive. Next month I plan on keeping up with bbt, cm, and going to use more sensitive opk's. I'm still hoping I'm pregnant but I just don't know.....think af may be on the way. Don't give up!! Lots of babydust coming your way!!!



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