Could I be pregnant your views?
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Kelli - June 15

Hi little confused. heres my story. Been trying for a baby for a year. Would be my first. Mother had periods during her pregnancy as did grandmother. For the last two months mine have been lighter and a different shade also shorted. Took a pregnancy test yesterday as i have had all classic symptoms and i cannot explain it but its a feeling inside my stomach like when you go over a hill in the car but a lot nicer. Only had this from last week. Had cravings for Marmite and Pickle (I HATE PICKLE I CANNOT STRESS THAT LOL) But the test i did came up negative but my mother said that the doctors could not confirm her pregnancy until 4 months. So what do i do? Went to the doctor and he basically said dont be silly ? Any ideas


Kelli - June 15

Anyone there please answer this i would just like an honest opinion thank you.


SS - June 15

Try asking for a blood test or better yet an ultrasound. If there's a baby in there it will be on the ultrasound!


Vitalina - June 15

I think the same as SS you should ask for an ultrasound insist your doc to do that because you are having weird symptoms.I wish you the best


Rita Carr - June 15

Is it possible to feel symptoms a day of so after conception? I feel giddy.



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