Could I be pregnant regardless?
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bebek - May 23

I have read and researched a lot and for the last couple of weeks have all the possible pregnancy signs and symptoms e.g tenderness of the breasts, nausea, tiredness, dizzieness, and bloating etc. Was hoping that I would miss my period this month, but then late last night I got it. I guess I am not pregnant then? Still feeling terrible and still a lot of nausea. Is it possible I may still be pregnant?


JB0405 - May 23

Hi Bebek... Have you contacted your doctor? If you try to use regualr hpt's it will show up negative BUT if you have your dr take blood, you'll know for sure... Good Luck and let me know what happens...


crystal74 - May 23

sometimes i want it so bad that i think there's still a chance. you can actually trick your body into thinking your pregnant. try not to stress about it so much. but here's some good news. my best friend got pregnant when she was 15, she actually had her period for a couple days, and it was heavy, sore bbs, cramps. then it stopped and she started getting really sick in the morning. so there's a chance but try not to build it up for a disappointment. i've done it too many times


kimholl28 - May 23

It is very unlikely now that you have your period. A women can sometimes have what seems to be a period when pregnant, but it is shorter and lighter. Had you taken a test already? If so and it was negative also, I would say it is a period. Good luck, next month!!


liendy - May 25

hi bebek! we´re on the same boat! i hope each month to miss my period but suddenly it just came. Ever since i had a regular period but when i got married it became weird. Last year i dont have my period for two months. And then, i visit my gyn. I thought i was pregnant because of all the terrible feelings. Dont worry too much it will just cause you stress. One reason that i dont had my period because of that. I was even using clomid for 2 months but i stop now. Im still strying and hoping that one day we can have a little i am again missed my period for almost a month. I was just thinking if its happens it happens. Just dont expect and it will come.So, goodluck



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