Could I be pregnant?????
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T - August 26

Hi everyone..... I'm new here but it is good to know that I'm not the only once going through this, I'm 27 ..DH 30 we have 2 wonderful boys 10 and 6 we've been married since i was 19 and together since I was .. I can't beleive it's been that long .. anyway my 1st and 2nd were conceived natural, and now we and trying for a 3rd (hopefully a girl) but there is 1 problem I don't come on my period without the help of provera, this all started after my 2nd child and since then my periods come when they want too , I go to the OBGYN on a regular basis, he has told me on numerous occasions that there is nothing to worry about since all me test results come back ok..... he stated it might be stress which I doubt and he also stated that it might be the weight that I have gained .. ok I can beleive that but I have lost 15 pounds and I'm now at 145 5'2 which is not good but I have seen worse he gave me provera again last month ( July) I came on my cycle 07-22 and went off 07-29, which is good compared to the other times I only stayed on 3-4 if that I've only taken provera 3 times in all since my 6 year old was born in 98, very few (1 or 2 times) I have come on without provera, after taken provera last month and going off my cycle, we have been having sex like crazy, I know it's wishfully thinking considering provera is just withdrawal blood, but I still have not had a cycle this month for Aug, so this is my plan, since I don't want to try fertility drugs ..clomid etc, I'm going to wait until Sept 10th to see if my cycles comes if not take a PGT if neg then I'm going to take Vitex and Vitamins up until March if no luck then ovulex, after ovulex then I guess I will have no choice but to try fertiltity drugs, I'm so down about this, why now and my 1st two I had with no probelms, am i getting old, what should I do I will take any advice anyone has to offer me!



Steph - August 26

Hi T,
I am in a very similar situation. I have just turned 29 in July and have been ttc #2 for 3 1/2 years. I got pregnant with my son at age 19 unexpectedly and had a very normal pregnancy. I then went on the pill for 5 years. After coming off the pill I began missing periods. After many months my Dr. finally diagnosed me as having PCOS. I don't have a lot of the symptons...just the missed periods and I have the insulin resistance. He put me on Metformin for the insulin & Clomid which I took for 6 months. When I hadn't conceived after that amount of time I went to see an Infertility specialist. We did a IUI which was successful, but I m/c'd at 6 weeks. After the m/c I took myself off of all of the meds and got very depressed. I ended up going back on just the Metformin almost a year ago with no luck yet. My Dr. has no explanation as to why any of this has happened. He just says that sometimes this kind of thing happens. But he think I should try the IUI again. Haven't decided on that yet....still trying on our own for now. But you are not alone. I will always feel that the birth control pill contributed to this problem, but they say that there is no proof of that. Maybe it will happen for us when the time is right. Thats what I keep telling myself. Good Luck to you.



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