Could I be pregnant???
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Barbara - April 7

Hi, I have been cramping since cd15, like menstrual cramps. I am normally have a 25 day cycle and I am almost day 27, however I took a pg test this morn and it was neg. I have been spotting brown for 2 days which would be cycle day 25 & 26. Could I be pregnant?


erica - April 7

Barbara, It sounds like implantation bleeding to me. Everything is possible. Baby Dust !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Barbara - April 8

I hope so, but why the neg. hpt.??? When should I test again? Thanks. Are you ttc??? Baby dust back at ya if you are!!


Cutie - April 8

It could be the implantation bleeding, and tests may not show right away Barbara! R u TTC? Good luck Sweety!



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