Could I be pregnant?
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NicoleM - April 20

Hi all, I know it's probably way too early to know anything, but hubby and I have been trying for almost 2 years now... ovulation test came up positive last week and we tried that day and next - every other day up to then. Anyway, I'm having pains in my lower abdomen, and am wondering if they could be implantation pain?? It feels different from my regular monthly cramps. Last night they actually kept me awake. It's more a sharp pain than the regular dull ache/burn that I get. And the regular cramps don't keep me up... I have a week to go before I can test and just don't feel like I can wait... also am afraid to have sex with hubby in case it would cause a problem if I am pregnant. Anyone had a similar experience?? Were you pregnant?


MuzikGurl - April 20

NicoleM, what day are you on??? I felt the same way about 9dpo on 12dpo I went in to the drs. to take a urine test and it came back positive....I had no idea I just knew that when I was planning on having my period I didn't and my temps stayed high instead of dropping so I can have my period and I started urinating more at nights and crampped a lot like af was here but never showed....if you go to the drs. office and ask for a urine pg test on day 12 or better to wait until 14dpo but every girl is different..the drs. test is a lot more sensitive cause I didn't get my first hpt pos. until I was don't wait until the hpt comes up pos. go to the dr. but wait and go 12-14dpo not before then because it will just be neg. Good luck!! let me know!


NicoleM - April 20

Hi MuzikGurl. Congratulations on the positive test! That's wonderful! Thanks for your input. I am 8 or 9dpo. Had a pos. opt on the 11th. It's so hard to wait, but I'm feeling less optimistic as the day goes by - thinking it feels a little more like af going to start - but i don't usually get those cramps this early. I usually have 28 day cycle and af is due 4/28. I usually start cramping about 5 days before... I will wait until next week - it's such a rollercoaster, I truly thought this might be it this am, but now I feel like it's wishful thinking...



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