Could I be pregnant?
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acklyn - December 8

I have not received my regular pms cramps - my period was due a week ago on last thursday, I took a hpt wednesday morning which came back negative. Have been going to the bathroom a little more often this week.I am on metformin, - which I believe regulates your periods(I have pcos) so I figure it shouldn't be a skipped period.
Could I possibly still be pregnant, even with negative hpt?
Babydust to all


jcr - December 8

I am also on metformin and my period is anywhere from 30-45 days, which causes me way too much anticipation each month! How are your temps? My last 2 bfps (one daughter, one m/c) both showed up about a week after my period was due. I knew I was pg days before bfp. Don't know if that helps or not. Try testing again next week if no af. good luck


d - December 8

sometimes if it's to early you wont produce enough hcg (the stuff that gives you a + on your test), so maybe try again in a day or 2, and make sure to take the test first thing in the morning because that will have the most pg hormones. hope this helped...good luck



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