could I be pregnant?
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Claire - June 8

my husband and I have been trying to get prregnant for 5 months, this month my period came 2 days early (I'm very regular it never comes early) and it was very very light, the color seemed to be the same but it was so light and throughout it would periodically stop for a time and then come back, so there wasn't much blood at all, this is not normal for me. It was about the same length of time, and I got very hungary, I would eat and eat and nothing could make my stomach stop growling and my breasts are sore, its sort of a dull sore, but they sometimes get to be in a lot of pain, i've felt sick like I was going to throw up a lot and its been hard to eat even though I feel like I am starving all the time, but then I took a pregnancy test that you are supposed to be able to take 4 days before you miss your period, 4 days after I had expected my period to start and it was negative, could I be pregnant or is it possible that because of the weird period I just convinced myself I was pregnant and my body mimicked the symptons? Sorry for the long entry but i hope someone can help, thanks in advance



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