could i be pregnant
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kirsty - January 17

We have been trying to get pregnant since september 2005 , i came off the injection pill in august 2005 . We have been makin love nearly ever other day but all my tests have been negertive my last period how ever only lasted three days and it was not as heavy as normal and now its seven days since i stopped my period i feel like i am having miled period pains , not all the time just every now and again what do you think i should do for the best .


einfanti - January 17

Hi Kirsty. Maybe the pain is bc you are ovulating. It has been 10 days since the start of your period, right? Are your cycles usually very short? Having sex every other day can lower your chances bc the sperm count will get lower if he is ejaculating so often. You should wait and have it ONLY when you ovulate. This will increase your chances.


C.J. - January 18

Kirsty...I would recommend that if you aren't monitoring your basal temps, you start...I kept putting it off, but feel much more in control of what's going on with my cycles, and it's reassuring having this additional source to confirm when I think I'm ovulating. It will also help let you know when you've ovulated...If you've ovulated...The common "sex" regimen being used by couples trying to conceive (where the husband has no sperm count issues) is every other day the week before and after ovulation, and if you know the day you're ovulating, if it's one of your "off" days, do it that day too...If you need any help on the basal monitoring, let me know, and I'll be glad to let you know what I've learned in the four cycles I've been temping...Good luck & take care...



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