Could faint line really mean positive after all this time?
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Janice08 - July 17

I have an 11 year old son with whom i fell pg naturally. Since then I have had a lot of problems conceiving. Firstly, I had an ectopic pg when he was 6 months old. We then left it for a while and tried again but no result. We finally went for IVF which we have done fully three times and one frozen cycle. I got pg 3 times but miscarried each. The last one was in January and we have decided to go again in August.

I have now got back to regular periods since the mc but this month I am almost 3 weeks late. I have had some mild cramping, tiredness, nausea and have done 2 tests, one last week and one today which both showed a very faint second line. Do you think this could be positive? The tests I have I bought are HSG test strips that came along with ovulation predictor strips from the internet. Has anyone any experience with these? Any feedback would be greatfully appreciated.


whynotme - July 17

While I have never seen a BFP result, I have read that even a faint second line is positive. You could go buy one of those digital tests that just says "pregnant" "not pregnant". It couldn't get any clearer then that. Good luck!


Ann1 - July 17

I agree that you should try another test, but yes, a faint line is usually a positive. The only thing that sounds odd is that the line didn't get darker from last week to this one. Try getting an early response test (or like whynotme said, a digital test). That ER one showed a pretty dark + line for me at only 12dpo. Good luck!!


Janice08 - July 17

The second test was a bit darker but I'm wondering if it is just maybe a crappy test as I got the opk's with the hpt's and they don't go very dark when I'm ovulating either?! WEill maybe wait a couple of days and if no AF then buy another test. Ta for responses!


aidansmom324 - July 18

From what I have read (check out -- a lot of good info regarding opk's and hpt's), a positive is a positive, no matter how faint or strong it is. Test sensitivity can vary from test to test, even if they come from the same box. The fact that you took the tests a week apart and they both showed the same result pretty much seals it, but I would go get a blood test at your doctor's office to get a second opinion. Congrats to you!


Tammy276 - July 18

From what I know and what my doctor has told me, a line is a line, no matter how faint or dark. It doesn't matter if it is faint, it means there was hcg detectred in your urine....Another reason why it could be faint is just the amount of dye on the test stick....All tests are different and you may only get a faint line no matter how pregnant you are.


Janice08 - July 18

Thank you very much for your replies. I guess I will head to the docs! Thanks for the information on the dye used in the sticks - I never thought of that! I guess it really dosen't pay to buy cheap! Anyhow thanks again and baby dust to everyone! Good luck! I have followed a few threads quietly on this site and I truly think the support and friendship given is amazing. Everyone deserves a BFP!


slowpoke01 - July 18

i too would try another brand of test and if it is a faint line too i would go to the doctor because hcg is suppost to double like every 48-72 hours and if you are pregnant and your hcg isnt doubling then that would give you a faint line and could mean that something is wrong so keep us posted


slowpoke01 - July 20

hey how did the test turn out let me know


Janice08 - July 21

Hi Slowpoke01, would you believe it, I haven't tested again yet. You probably think this strange but my reason behind it is that my last 2 pregnancies have ended at 8 weeks. I have had chromosomal tests done recently and am waiting for the results so I am just waiting until I either get a bleed or go past the 8 weeks. Which means this Wednesday as I will be 4 weeks late by then. I know I'm crazy and I should test, my dh is going mad, but I'm doing things the way I feel comfortable with. I do have many pg symptoms though - getting up to pee at night, quite tender breasts, waves of extreme tiredness etc. and I do usually have very regular periods. Will post back once I def find out whats going on! Thanks for your concern. Babydust


christyRN - July 22

i took an internet cheapie 10dpo and saw an extremely faint line. so faint that i took another and another the same day. I guess i was hoping for some kind of absolute answer. I stared at these tests for about 2 hours and finally went to the store and bought a first response. Sure enough it showed 2 without a doubt pink lines. no more guessing. it was correct, i'm 18 weeks preg. good luck to everyone. beware of ghost lines on the cheaper tests! trust me i have taken every kind available! I agree that it seems strange your lined never got any darker. However my friend was 2 weeks late and tested neg twice. her beta was in the thousands and was 6 weeks preg! who knows!


slowpoke01 - July 22

janice i understand why you arent testing yet..let me kn ow as soon as you do test or anything i wish you the best of luck



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