Could Antidepressants affect Sperm??
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Nadia24 - February 2

Hi everyone. I had a postcoital done on Jan. 19th and it was abnormal. My CM was good but the sample we looked at under the microscope had 6 dead sperm in it(just 6 sperm total). Well DH has a SA scheduled in about 1 week. I read on the internet that antidepressants sometimes cause low sperm production or dead sperm. My hubby has been taking zoloft for about 2 years now. Do you think that could be a cause?? thanks.

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jg - February 2

How many were under the microscope total? I would say that 6 dead sounds like a very very small percentage. I looked up "anti-depressants affect sperm" in google and it came up with heaps of pages, and it looks like taking them can affect sperm quality. But you can take things like Vit E, Anti-Oxidants, Bio-Ace Excel, Vit C, Fish Oils, and Q10 to increase sperm quality.


~S - February 2

Vitamin C 1000 mg and up a day can help sperm count. Good luck!


Nadia24 - February 3

Jg- Total sperm under microscope was 6. The only thing I can think of if DH has bad motility is zoloft. He has been on it for quite some time. Thanks!!!


jg - February 3

My dh didn't have a great motility count, but he took all the above vitamins etc and we got pregnant. Good luck.



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