Could all the abbreviations be explained
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Janice - March 11

Hi, Could all the abbreviations be explained? I see so many from PO things to 2WW to all sorts... I am new and get a little confused reading.. thanks so much... Any abbreviations used thanks..thanks.


June - March 11

Hi Janice I can help you!
2ww= 2 week wait...
OPK- ovulation predictor Kit....
DH= dear husband....
"o" = ovulating...
CD= calendar day
AF= aunt flow a.k.a Menstruation
EWCM= egg white cervical mucus
CM= cervical mucus
BD= baby dance a.k.a. sex

Hope it clarifies!


June - March 11

Oh most Important!!!
BFP= BIG FAT POSITIVE (pregnancy test)
BFN= BIG FAT NEGATIVE (pregnancy test)


Anna - March 11

And the most important BFP-Big Fat Positive and BFN-Big Fat Negative


Anna - March 11

LOL. June we posted at the same time...


June - March 11




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