Cough Medicine Helps???
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Melly - August 30

I have heard that cough medicine is meant to thin your mucus making it easier for the little guys to swim in. Has anyone else heard of this? If so do you know what brand? and is it available in Australia? I try to drink loads of water but I welcome any new tricks that might help!


isa - August 30

i tried robittusin - the one with only guifenensin as the active ingredient. I think it made a difference in the amt of mucous i had. You dont need the brand name just make sure it does not have DM or expectorant on it just the guifenisin. Take it from about 6 days prior to ovulation and stop at ovulation. take 2 tsp 2x day up to 2 tsp 3x day of the regular kind . 1/2 the amount if you get the stronger version. i tried it for a few months and never got pg so who knows if it actually helps.


D. - August 30

Research does show a greater success rate for women who have used guaifenessin (you can also take the tablets called Mucinex, which is also guaifenessin). Actually, you DO want it to say expectorant. What you dont want is one that is also a suppressant. So, just make sure that it's only guaifenessin and nothing else. If your issues are something other than CM, obviously this won't get you pg. But if your problem is CM that's too thick, this could be the ticket! Good Luck!


KellyN - August 30

How often and when should you take this stuff to see improvement in your ewcm?


Amy R - August 30

I become more amazed in the things that have been around for so long and not knowing they help conception. It's worth a shot for anyone that knows they have problems with CM and surely inexpensive. May have to try this one myself.



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