Cost of Gonal F???
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Mega - August 25

Dea--Good luck today with the Beta, hoping you get good news today! Angela, so sorry that the cyst is continuing to get bigger. Hopefully it'll go away on its own soon. That's entirely possible, it's happened to me before. Hang in there. While I'll miss you on your board break I understand. But please post back after your Sept. appt to let us know how you're doing.


dea - August 25

BFP!!! I can't believe it. I am so happy- I can't stop crying. More bloodwork on Monday. Ok ladies---- it's now your turns!!! ~~DUST~~


Mega - August 26

Dea--Yay!!!! Wonderful news. I'm so happy for you. Good luck Mon. on Beta #2!! What was this value? How exciting!!! I'll do what I can to join you in "the club!" I'm working on it. LOL! We'll I know you'll be having a GREAT weekend...


dea - August 27

Hi Mega: My Beta was 106!! They said it was a great number. I looked up some info online and the average for 14dpo is 48. But I am still within the normal range. Now I start thinking about-- how many are in there?? And I hope everything stays "normal and healthy". Any news about your follies??? How are things progressing?? ~~DUST~~


Mega - August 28

Dea--Very healthy, high beta! That's not a foolproof indicator of twins but it certainly can be. How many follies did you have again for your IUI? Would you want twins? I do know someone who had a beta recently of 104 & she's just got a singleton but you're right it's an above average beta which at the very least means you're off to a HEALTHY start of your pregnancy. Yay! But on the twins board I like to lurk on I've seen highish betas meaning a singleton & lower betas than yours with twins, so it's anyones' guess til your u/s. When will that be? Do you know yet? Let me know what today's beta value is. I'm sure it'll be nice & high. Very exciting. So did you guys celebrate this weekend? Well, I had my 1st u/s on Fri, 12 follies on my left with a few smaller ones &1 follie on my right with 5 small ones. Then I had follie check #2 yesterday & #3 today. Now I've got 19 on my left side & only 1 big still on my right side and 1 more that could possibly mature in time for the ER on Thursday. Tonight will be my last night of stimming, trigger tomorrow. My dr isn't worried about my lack of response on the right, he said my left is more than making up for that. So fingers' crossed I'll have plenty of eggs mature by ER & hopefully I'll be joining your club very soon. Anyway, I'm so happy about your high beta #'s, hope they keep getting higher & higher. Keep me posted!!!


dea - August 28

Hi MEGA-- Beta today was 470. Still a great number- nice and strong. I am scheduled for my first u/s on Sept 8- so we will find out then if we are having multiples. I had 6 follicles total- 5 were ready to mature- so anything is possible. We would love twins (esp. a boy and a girl). Talk about being "done"!! Ha!! DH bought the cutest gift today. A Carter's pull toy. It's the firefly that plays music, lights up and has crinkly wings. He also bought me a bib that says "I love my mommy." Isn't he the sweetest?? Good luck with your ER- It sounds like it's going VERY well. Let me know how many they get out of you...I'll be thinking of you and can't wait for you to join the club either!! ~~DUST~~


dea - August 30

bump== hope you week is going well ladies!


Mega - August 30

Good morning! 470, yeah, very nice #!!! And with 5 mature follies it's very possible that you had at least 2 eggies fertilize. I hear ya, twins would be great. We're tx 2 back so we hope we end up with twins too! Anyway, that's good that your u/s is coming up soon. Hopefully they'll be able to tell then if it's 1 sac or 2. How exciting! Aww, I know the toy you're talking about, very cute. I've almost bought it several times for friends' babies. What a sweet DH you have. Excited too! I love my mommy bib, aw cute! All babies need lots of those, esp. babies conceived like ours! All we went thru to get them born! Thank you! I can't believe how quickly the ER is coming--Tomorrow as planned. Craziness. Thanks for the thoughts! Hopefully we can compare our preggo bellies real soon. :)


dea - August 31

Good luck today MEGA-- I'm thinking of you.... Stick little beans- stick!!!



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