Cost of Gonal F???
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slowpoke01 - August 8

hey you all i just wanted to say that on fertility they have a thing that helps out with injectibles. you can sign up as a member for free and they will send you soe information in the mail. it is worth checking out. i am not on any injectibles yet but this was a good site in case i have to go to that.


Mega - August 8

Sounds interesting. Thanks for the suggestion, Slowpoke! Good luck to you!


soimpatient - August 8

Hi Ladies, Meredith, I was on 50mg of clomid and then they upped me to 100mg. Since I am not being monitored right now I would feel a little nervous with my dose getting any higher although I am tempted to up it myself. I haven't had an HSG or any other tests done. So I imagine that the RE will want to do that before they move ahead with anything. I still haven't heard back from the RE's office and so they haven't even booked me for an appointment yet!! There aren't really any other offices in my area so I'm out of luck for now. If I don't hear back from them by wednesday I will try calling them again. It does sound funny that you are looking forward to jabbing yourself with needles but the one thing that I have learned is that TTC will make you say/do/want weird things! Slowpoke, thanks for the site. I will check it out later. Dea, you must be excited about your IUI! I hope that this is your month!


Mega - August 8

Angela, they say almost anyone will O on 150 mgs. of Clomid, so that's probably your best bet. That said though, I'm not a fan of doing it w/out the care of a dr, at the very least you need to be checked for cysts at the end of the cycle before moving on to the next one. Once I made the switch to a RE, he had me do a couple Clomid IUIs first, so I'm sure the RE will probably have you up your Clomid dose then. And probably monitor you a couple of times during the cycle. And you're right, you'll definitely be scheduled quickly for more b/w, the HSG, a u/s etc. I like how REs just jump into the necessary tests, etc. Ekk, no appt. yet? Yes, definitely keep on them, to make sure you're on the books ASAP. That's it in a nutshell--TTC does make you do/say/feel/want/experience crazy nutty things, all part of the process I suppose.


dea - August 9

Hi Girls- I'm still hangin' in there. 6 follicles- 5 will probably mature. I'm scheduled for one IUI on Friday and another one on Saturday morning. We'll see.... ~~DUST~~


Mega - August 9

Dea--Excellent follie count for your IUI! Good luck on Fri & Sat's IUIs, too! From what I've read the double IUIs seem to increase your changes a bit b/c of the better timing involved. Anyway, dust to you! I hope this is your lucky cycle. Keep us posted.


dea - August 10

Thanks Mega!


soimpatient - August 10

Good luck Dea!! I hope this is your month! Mega, how are you doing? You're starting Gonal soon right? I am still waiting for af to show far I am 4dp my last provera dose. I only took provera for 5 days this cycle so I hope it works. Mega, where are you from? I'm one of the rare Canadians on this board:)


Mega - August 10

You're welcome, dea! Keep us posted. Soimpatient, I never took Provera for the full 10 days it was prescribed (I kept breaking out, minor but still) so I stopped it early & AF still came. I use prometrium now though, I prefer it but that's just me. Hope AF is just around the corner for you. For this cycle only, that is. :) Where in Canada? I live in Ohio. I'm starting the other pen drug, Follistim, a week from Saturday in fact. Yay! I start the Lupron tonight. We're officially on our way now!!


soimpatient - August 10

I'm in Toronto. How many days did you take prometrium for? I guess I'm just being paranoid that it won't work. It worked for me the last time I took it but I took it for the full 10 days....wait...actually, I forgot, I only ended up taking it 9 days! Gee, I'm really impatient!


Mega - August 10

I guess you live up to your screen name, huh? LOL! I think so impatient could apply to me as well & probably a zillion other less than fertile types. Oh well what can you do?! Toronto--I hear that's such an awesome city, so much to do. I think I took Prometrium for 6 or 7 days, not 100% sure though. But AF came while I was still on it which was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, it CAN take up to 10 days to 2 weeks to get AF after your last Provera or Prometrium pill, frustrating I know. Hopefully she's getting ready to pay ya a visit soon.


soimpatient - August 10

Toronto is a pretty good city but I guess it loses its novelty when you live here (as oposed to being a tourist). I would love to see some of the other world class cities such as Paris or New York but at this point in my life I spend most of my vacations in the Caribbean. It is cheaper to go down south than it is to go anywhere else! Anyway, back on topic: how much does Gonal F cost:) haha...just kidding!


Mega - August 10

I guess that's true of almost any city. Though I have trouble imagining London loosing it's charm. That's a city I'd love to move too. Not much luck trying to talk DH into that though. :) Hmmm, the Caribbean! Now that would be living, sipping tropical drinks on the sand all day long. Tough life, someone's gotta do it though. Well more to the topic on hand (though I'd still rather be on a beach) I ordered my Follistim today. 2 cartridges, 1500 IUs total, it was just over $1K including progesterone and HCG, so that wasn't too bad at all. Of course I may have to end up ordering more, we'll see. Hopefully not. That'll put my drug total at like $1200 or so total for this IVF cycle, my RE's office usually estimates it at $2500, so that's a decent savings of course they'll be other expenses I haven't thought of yet. Sigh!


Mega - August 11

So--I found a link for you to a fert. mailorder company in Canada that supposedly has good prices. The website has a price list posted as well (at least it did as of 4/06). I found this URL for you off another chat website I've lurking on called IVF.connections, they have a whole thread on where to find cheap IVF drugs. HTH with your budgeting. Dea--I believe this you're first of the double IUIs today. Good luck! Hope it goes well & this is your lucky cycle. Dust!


dea - August 11

Hi MEGA and SOIMPATIENT: yes- i had an IUI toady- count was down to 4 million. DH was with me and he was bummed. I didn't know what to say- tomorrow's will hopefully be higher. SOIMPATIENT: My uncle lives in Markham (he lived in TO for years then moved out of the city a bit ago). Love your town! So much to do and it's so clean. I live in Central NY. TO is a short drive away. MEGA: Never been to Ohio- say "Hi" to Oprah for me! ha!! I like spending vacations in the Caribbean too! But, next year my family is going to Italy. Lots of other family there. We visited during the Olympics this past February. We plan to go during the summer next year- barring baby complications-- which is why it is VERY important for my to get PG!!! Gotta have the baby then plan the trip--- Geez, do I sound like a spoiled brat or what?? However, Rome is beautiful- but I love the Lucca/Florence/Pisa area. You can't beat the food or wine. Take Care Ladies! ~~DUST~~


dea - August 13

bump- hope you ladies are enjoying the weekend!



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