continue iui or go for ivf
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Sue - July 25

I did 2 times iui. This month i have to chose iui or ivf. Did anyone get successful with iui and how many times did you go for it?


Mari - July 25

Hi Sye,
I have had 2 iui's so far as well and they haven't been succesful, but my re says you should try at least four times (and i guess it depends on age and other factors) so it depends on your situation. I began my third cycle this week, hopefully this one will be the one. Good luck and baby dust to you.


Mari - July 25

oops typo it not Sye but Sue, lol.
Sue you also have to consider the cost. I can not afford IVF at this moment so i need to continue with IUI's. I believe I will try two more times if this one doesn't work.


Sue - July 25

Thanks Mari, I am 36 now and have PCOS and a 7 year old daughter. I have been trying for the last 4 years. I am on 1500mg metformin since feb ' 05.



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