Constant LH surge
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ps1273Promise - May 15


I conceived my first one on 50mg clomid on first try. He is two now and I have been trying for #2 for over one year now. I do have PCOS and have been on several cycles of clomid. Now I am doing clomid 150mg + metformin. It did not work the last cycle. Any way my question is that I always get a positve no matter which time i test with the opk. is it common with pcos to have a constant LH surge. because that is what gives a positive opk test.


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 16

Yes it is common to always get a LH surge with PCOS . I have PCOS, and because our bodys are unstable it constantly gives LH surge. I am on Metforming 1000mg. been on that since november 2005. Dr wont put me on clomid, so i am seeking to find another dr.


ps1273Promise - May 17

Thank you Bubblesofjoy65. I am also on 1000mg of metformin. My RE wanted me to take 2000mg but I could not stand the side effects. DH wants us to take a break and give by body a rest to see what happens. Anyway I just lost my job today and my health insurance so I guess I just have to wait till we get health insurance coverage again.



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