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Monica - October 20

She has been through so much to getting to this point and has just left me a msge saying she has given birth to a girl!! So if anything, this should be the story we wish to tell all our friends and family one day!! Stay positive cause it can happen!! Justine is proof of that! Let's all congratule her as I'm sure she will love getting these msges while she's in hospital waiting to take her gorgeous baby girl home! SPRINKLING LOADS OF BABY DUST TO YOU ALL..... GOD BLESS


Justine - October 20

Thanks Monica - that's very kind of you. Hope your IVF works and you get a baby in 9 months too! I just spent 3 days in labour so I'm shattered and in pain but Sophie is absolutely adorable. Good luck. It's worth it in the end.


Lee - October 20

Justine-How wonderful. Let them take care of you while you are there and rest up. Thrilled for you.


Lee - October 20

Monica-Way to be girl. God smiles on positive people. Good things are going to happen for you with this IVF.


Kerri - October 20

Congrats terrific! Is this the same Justine that sometimes posted on the male inferitility forum...that used IVF with ICSI that worked the first time and who has the generous mother-in-law???
That's so exciting!


:0) - October 21



Justine - October 24

Thanks Monica, Lee and Kerri. Kerri - Yes I am that Justine. Just got out of hosptial today after 1.5 weeks. Sophie is really lovely. Good luck to those ttc.


Justine - October 24

Kerri - I just saw you are pregnant - congratulations - you must be so happy.


Kerri - October 25

Thanx....yep, I'll be 8.5 weeks tomorrow and go in for an u/s. I saw the tiny heartbeat at 6 weeks and just cried and cried. My Ob/Gyn is going to freak out when I show up in his office tomorrow 8.5 weeks pregnant when he referred me off to an RE and I got pregnant NATURALLY that same cycle....he'll be excited, but know for sure that the good Lord had a big part in it! Once again, congrats on a precious baby girl!!!! PS--I think mine is a boy :)


Justine - October 25

Kerri - For the first 20 weeks we thought my baby was a boy and my husband called it Baby Big. It was small and a girl - so much for maternal (and paternal) instinct!!


Justine - October 25

Kerri - Its good to hear you got pregnant naturally. Its good to hear the doctors can be wrong sometimes about not being able to get pregnant naturally - it gives us all hope. I still want a second child naturally but that'll be a bonus and if it dosen't happen Sophie is more than enough to make us very happy. All the best with your pregnancy.



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