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MuzikGurl - September 24

Ok here it goes, I was prescribed Provera to start my period due to not having one for a very long time I started it on Sept. 1st, 2005 I finished them on the 10th then on the 14th I AF then on Sunday the 18th I started Clomid 100mg. finished then this past thursday the 22nd mean while DH and I have been trying to conceive off and on this whole month. It's like we would have sex for 2 days (not continuously though) and then not at all for a day or two and so forth but not in any particular pattern. But anyways my question is this: If let's say I did conceived this month how long should I wait to test with a hpt I know most of you will say whenever you miss your period well, that's a problem, see I can't have my period unless I take my round of Provera but, if I am preggo I don't want to jepordize the baby by taking it, so any suggestions? Also, I bought an ovulation kit, First Response 7 test thingy and I didn't know until after I opened it and tested on 2 or 3 sticks already that Clomid can mess up the results, so are there any ovulation kits out there that fertility drugs don't mess up the results? I've been charting my temps this ast week and so far this is what I have 97.3 , 97.5 ,97.9, 97.8, and 97.9 now how high does my temp have to be in order to for it to consider me ovulating (or around the time I should be ) and does it have to say up for so many days or what? If anyone has any thoughts on any of my questions I know it's a lot...sorry guys...just thought I'd lay it all out now instead of wondering all night about it....(I'm a worrier)....but I appreciate it alot...thanks for everything and plenty of baby dust to everyone!!! you deserve it!


TC - September 24

You should test around 2 weeks after you think you o. I would buy the book Taking Charge of Your Fertitilty. It's a great source. Good luck.


MuzikGurl - September 25

TC, thanks...why is it that no one ever answers my questions in here...I don't understand many people on here get a bunch of responses but I hardly get one...that's stupid! Maybe I should go find another forum online and leave this one...I love coming to this site but, it's pointless if no one is here to help me. thanks for nothing people!=(


CS - September 25

I would test 14 days after you think you ovulated. My dr. told me not to take the opk's when on meds as it messes with the results. I don't know of any kind that doesn't. I believe your pre ovulation temps are under 97.5 and then once you o'd it rises. Once it rises ovulation has already occured. It's not a good predictor as to when you have sex since the rise is after o. It does however tell you that you did o and if you chart several months you will begin to see the pattern and can plan sex accordingly. I have read the book Taking Charge of your Fertility and found it to be very helpful. Still not pregnant but I understand my body better. I hope I answered some of your questions. Best of luck to you.****Baby Dust****


TO MuzikGurl - September 25

People don't answer your question maybe your questions are complicated or simply nobody knows the answer. I read your thread "ANYONE" but as i look at the thread TC and CS give some of their opinion. And when I read your question here, I myself don't know that answer. I think it's much better not to answer question that you know rather giving false information. I think you have to understand that not all people here know the answer to your question and you don't have to feel bad. maybe what you should do is don't make your question so complex.


TO MuzikGurl - September 25

I mean your other thread is "UNSATISTIED" not anyone..sorry



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