Confusion about how to calculate due dates with long cycles?
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Kimmie - April 5

Hi, I may be pregnant but the test was negative a week ago. My last period was Feb. 21. I have long cycles though but never past 40 days. I am on day 43 now. My breast are sore and I seem to be bloated, which I know could be my period coming. But, I have 2 kids and my breast feel the same as I remember, more pronounced then PMS, or so I think. My question is I took the test a week ago, going by a 28 day cycle, I would have been 5 weeks then, but my cycles are long. Usually 35 days but my last one was 30 days. So I ovulate a week later then most. So I would have actually just been at implantation right? And maybe the test was taken to early? Just don't want to feel stupid buying another test you know!


Ceno - April 5

Since your cycles are normally long, it's recommended you take the test after your average longest cycle. Got me? So since your cycles are usually 35, I'd say test after that. Yet they can go as long as 40 days and now you're on day 43, so retest. It could have been too early to test if you're pregnant, since ovulation occurred later, leading to later implantation.


na25 - April 5

Good Luck! Let us know if you are preg and send us some baby dust :)



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