Confused, Anyone had this, or am I loosing my mind.
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Bubblesofjoy65 - January 19

OK here is the deal. I have a 5 year old daughter, born 3 months early at 1#12oz. In 2002 I met my husband, and we got preg, and I miscarried at 13 weeks. Since then, I have been Dx with PCOS. Since 2002 we have been trying on and off. I was on the pill until May of 2005. I was like clockwork every 28 days, for may, june,july, 2 weeks late in august.. October had a period, started with Provera on 10/24, november 1st Started 1000mg of Metformin....Had some very light spotting from november 28th, to december 2nd. December 23/24 I had heavy bleeding with clotting.. On 12/28 I took a test, what looked like pos. So I retested on 1/1 with EPT +/-.. faint positve same on 1/3 faint positive.. On 1/5 & 1/6 I took first response, came back inconclusive. couldn't tell, Then on 1/6 Had blood test. Dr said Negative no way possible less then 2 for blood test. I still have symptoms, Is it possible that the blood test could be wrong?? and still be preg or am i wishfull thinking. ...Anyone had this b4????



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