Confused about ovulation
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Sal - May 16

Hi girls, Hubby and i have been trying for 6 months now and i have visited all the web sites for advise etc, my cycle has been 28 days for years and my ovulation is on the 13th day (so the home test show) but my cycle has changed the last few times to 24 days but im still showing as ovulating on day 13! do you think the tests are right? hope you understood that.


lyz - May 17

are you charting your bbt c/m and c/p too? vitamin b6 can lengthen your luteal phase so a pregnancy has a better chance if your cycle gets too short. its best to know all the signs of ovulation as sometimes it can be hard, and its also cheaper than tests! let me know how things go!! good luck


Melissa - May 17

I had a friend that had 22 day cycles. Her doctor told her that even if she o'd on cd 14 it would still be ok. But, as you know we are all different. Good luck. :-)


Sal - May 17

Thankyou both, it can all get so confusing when you look at everything so close. My hubby says just relax and go with it, it will happen but its hard.This month i am taking his advise and not charting or testing anything and im not getting stressed about it. So lets see if that works, it is month number luck 7 so fingers crossed. XXX


to sat - May 17

ovulation usually comes 13 to 14 days prior to your period. Hormones play a big part in getting pergnant even though you might be ovulating. You can get some hormon relpacement if nothing else works. I haven't been on my period in a long time and i don't know what to do. Do you have advice for me?


Sal - May 18

Wish i could give you some advice but im not to cleaver about this stuff yet and im still learning. Maybe you sould talk to your doctor, well i hope his better than mine, he wont see me until ive been trying for a year, i know alot of them say that but im 30 and time is running out!!!! I mean what if nothing is working and i waist a year trying and find out there is a problem? I have thought about changing doctor but they all may say the same thing.


Melissa - May 18

Hi Sal, my doctor has seen me prior to a year. Only been trying for 6 months for my second. But, you should try charting your temps and all that before you go in. I would definately change doctors.



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