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CONFUSED - February 26

are all you ladies on this site from USA because in UK we seem to do things different. I'm on clomid but in UK I don't have to go for scans to see if I'm overlating I was given 3 months surply of clomid told to have a blood test 21days in cycle and they would contact me if there was a problem..If I haven't concieved after 3 mths then they will up dose to 100mg a day for 5 days day 2 to 6. Is anybody else being treat like this or do you all go and see your docs for scans and tests. Would like to hear from UK ladies if there are anymore on this site THANX


B - February 28

USA and UK are always different lol im in London, but im taking a different approach to my infertility, as im tired of pumping my body full of drugs. Tell me if you would like to talk and we could swap email address if u want :)


Marie - March 1

This is month 10 of being on Clomid for me and month 26 ttc!! I have had every test going and have 'unexplained infertility'. Never have I had scans to check I'm ovulating though - they know this from your blood results and if you use opk you pretty much know yourself. My son is 2 and half and we fell pregnant the first month of trying with him. I have gone past the point of desperation, anxiety, jealousy and self pity and now think that it will happen when it's time - we have booked a holiday to Cuba in September which I am aiming for at the moment, so that has kind of taken over for the moment. My consultant said that the next stage of treatment should really be IUI, but this is not funded on the NHS and so I would really like to know how much it costs on average.


michelle - March 3

i'min the uk, i had all the different operations examinations blood tests etc .... unexplained fertility just don't ovulate. i'm on day 10 of cycle and taking clomid, on monday (day 14) i've got a scan at the hospital.
this is how my gynae works! also a friend of mine is seeing the same one and she also has a scan onday 14 but only on her first month then she has blood tests on day 21. i'm going to push for a scan next cycle if it doesn't work this time....



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