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monicaweiner - February 19

Me and my husband are trying to conceive, in December.05 i was a week late for my period and had bad headaches and very tired so i took test after test and all were negative so i went to the dr and found out i had mono well jan. i was suspose to start the 7th but was again days late then in feb i was suspose to start on the 2nd but started on the 10th so i am suspose to be ovalating the 20-25 but now the 19th im having the light cramps and nausea just was wondering if someone could give me any advice or hope please!


Maybebaby - February 20

You should checkout and go to pregnancy. They calculate the day you are supposed to ovulate for a 28 day cycle. I just increase and decrease it by a couple days.
I just had my first IUI and also have been experiencing cramps and nausea.
Keep our fingers crossed
Good Luck



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