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Jesse - October 21

Hello, everyone i am new to this My name is Jesse last year in 2/04 I got off Depo-Vera in June I was pregnant but had a M/C in July I was told to wait for 3months but tried to get pg any way I started charting I had good signs of ovulation but I would always miss my fertile days b/c we were out of town going to church here and there and getting home so late and we would both be so tired we would just fall asleep I have been trying to get pg since Sep/04 it is now oct/05 I have good signs of ovulation every month like temp rise breast soreness pain in lower abdomen, and bumps that pop up on my face my cycle started 9/24/05 I have 28 day cycle but this month I have no signs at all my cycle is due 10/22/05 tomorrow what could be wrong help



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