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April*+*+ - May 25

Ok... If i have sex on all my fertile days and a few days after is it guranteed i will get pregnant or is there a really good chance?? because i did and i think i am pregnant.. i took and online pregnancy test and it said i had a 26% chance of being pregnant and that was the highest it got.. can someone give me some advice? i was fertile 14 thru 17 (VERRY FERTILE 16 ) and i had sex 2 times 16 and i put my hips on a pillow for over and hour and none of it come out either times when i did get could i be pregnant?


nancy - May 25

only 25% of chances to be pregnant in every given cycle, so it's really hard to say if you are pregnant or not, just wait until your period is late and take HPT


Jill - May 25

It's best if you start having sex about 4 days before you ovulate, on ovulation day, and for 2 days after. Those are the days when you're most fertile. Look up an ovulation calendar on the internet and it will tell you when to have sex. It calculates your fertile days by considering when your last period was and long your cycle is. Good luck.


April - May 26

Bad new i just started my period but its to early.. was suppose to start the 31 and i always have regular periods.. its not spotting either its heavy.. and HURTS but can i still be pregnant?


nancy - May 26

Hi April, don't loose hope, just keep on trying maybe this is not you month, but keep in mind that you will be pregnant, you said that u have regular u have a big chance......



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