conception after depo provera
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aoife - December 27

hi, people out there how long did it take for you to become pregnant afer comin off depo, i have had 2af's sincecomin off it 6 months ago and want to have a child im 24....and both af's arrived on bang on time when supossed to...back to my normal 28 day cycle.
support would be greatful
cheers aoife


jswmls - December 28

i'm 23 and ttc. my last depo injection was march 2005 in april i had af and every month after that has been right on time, i'm having average 31 day cycles. i'm still not pregnant yet, but we keep trying. do you know if you're ovulating?i've been doing a lot of research on it, most of what i have been hearing is it can take up to 2 years, it depends on your weight, health and also normal factors every woman goes through. there have been a couple ladies say they got pregnant straight away but not me, i'll keep you posted on my progress. keep us updated.


JLF - December 28

I had my last depo shot in Jan and it would have wore off around end of April (i'd been on it for 2 1/2 years). I got my first AF on June 25 and was regular to Nov 3rd when i got my last AF. I'm now over 3 weeks late (33 day cycle). All HPT's have been negative so i'm going to the Doc today to see what's up. I had a friend who was pregs within 4 mo's of going off. I've heard everything from 3months to 2 years for it to be out of a woman's system. I think if you're getting regular period's you're well on your way. There are some great websites for monitoring cycles and i found that really helped me to see how I was getting back to normal. Hope all goes well for you two!


harris2004 - December 28

I had my last depo shot in September of 2004. Since then, I have not had more than a handful of "normal" cycles, and it's been over a year now. My normal cycles started around January, and then I went from a 56 day cycle to a 14 day cycle, and back and forth. I am now on an average of 32 days per cycle, and they are starting to become more regular, but still not good enough. I have only ovulated 2 times since going off the shot. My doctor told me that it could take from 12-18 months before I was able to get pregnant. I am 25 and was on the shot for 7 years (about a year after my son was born), and it really messed me up. I know of another woman who was also on depo and she's been having the same problems (as well as many, many other women). I am hoping that I am either pregnant now or am ovulating, as I am starting to have the symptoms of pregnancy (sore breasts, etc.). However, I have two friends who, one got pregnant while on depo, and one got pregnant after 2 months of being off depo. I hope that everything works out for you (and me) soon.


aoife - December 28

hi all, thanks for the replys, i have only been on it for a year and my doctor said today that the longer your on it the longer it takes so he says i should concieve this month or the nxt as i did ovulate last month...i will keep in touch



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