conception after depo
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sarah - November 16

hi, im off the depo 61/2 months still no period, has anyone ever takin provera to start the periods or any other medication


sarah - November 16

please any one know answers


jswmls - November 16

Hi, I also took depo for 2 years. Once I quit taking the depo my periods came right back. So far I still have not gotten a BFP. I've read some different things, some say it helped some say it didn't but it can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to get pregnant. I'm still waiting and I've been getting periods. Just try to not worry about it too much, I'm trying to stay away from as many pills/drugs as I can just to let my body get itself straight.


sarah - November 17

hi jswmls,
just got my pweriod last nite its mad, here i am posting and here they are now ! cheers


sheena - November 22

I took depo for 2 years to keep form getting pg.I have been off of it now for 2 years and have been ttc for 7 months now.I do not know if it is related to why i cannot get pg but i wonder if it is!



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