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tomeka - April 20

i bought clomid off the internet. i dont know how to use it or the effctiveness of this drug i bought it to help me get peg 7mths i had an ectopic 3mths ago i had miscarriage do u think clomid will help me i only have 1 tube n 1 ovary and how do i use it


COC - April 20

I would suggest asking your doctor before using it so that you will be sure to use it correctly. I am due to start it in May.


Kelly - April 20

Tomeka, I did not know that you could buy it w/o a prescription. What miligram is it? I have heard that people start it on different days for 5 days once af comes. I would see a doc.


tomeka - April 21

i dont have doc i just recently moved to vegas but it was only 35 dollars what is ure suggestion about it


Kelly - April 21

Tomeka, my doc has me taking it on days 3-7 (you count the first day of af as day 1). I then go on cd21 to get progesterone checked to see if I ovulated. So, that would be the down side for that you may not know if it is working unless you check your bbt. Good luck sweetie.


tomeka - April 21

thanks kelly good to know somebody is listening and everybody who responded it means a whole lot i heard a like 20 outta 30 people who actually succeeded on this drug GOOD LUCK 2 EVERYONE KEEP TRYIN DONT GIVE UP BC KIDS IS DEFFINITELY A BLESSING AND ITS TRULY WORTH IT TO BECOME A MOTHER!!!!!!!!!



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