Combo: Femara or Clomid with injections
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babybaby - January 10

Hi guys! I'm starting this cycle with a combination of Femara 5mg for 5 days and then Gonal-F 75IU for 4 or 5 days depending on the growth of my follicles. I go in for an u/s on the 10th day and hopefully IUI on day 12. Have you guys heard of anyone else doing this? Have you heard of any success stories with this combo? This is now used as a step in between oral and injectable treatment. RE says it's much more effective than oral alone and almost as good as injectables straigth up, but much cheaper. I hope it works! Please let me know if you guys know anything about it, ok? Thanks! Baby & sperm dust!!!!


Sara - January 10

Hi babybaby, the clinic I go to doesn't use femara but they use Clomid and Gonal-F. My dh and I will be doing IUI with injections in March after I take 2 months of BC pills to regulate my hormones b/c I ovulate to soon in my cycle. I guess I don't know much about those drugs you are taking but I thought Gonal-F is an FSH drug, so why are you taking Femara to produce ovulation? Sorry I couldn't be of any help but I'm curious about what some people are doing fo IUI, IVF etc..


babybaby - January 10

Gonal-F is a very powerfull drug that makes you ovulate. It is used for IVf and IUI. At smaller doses it can be used together with Femara or Clomid (oral drugs) if the person is responding well to the oral drugs, which is my case. I just wanted an extra boost for the femara. We will have an IUI this cycle to help our chances. I feel really confident so i hope it works! I hope you can start ttc again soon. Good luck and let me know if you ned anything, ok?


Sara - January 11

Hi again, I didn't really respond to the clomid during my 1st attempt at IUI. They procedure was cancelled. They do hope I respond to the BC pills but after that do they try Clomid again or go right into injections? I guess I'll have to wait and see after the 2 months are up.


babybaby - January 11

Clomid is much cheaper and sometimes it works really well. I am on femara which is just like clomid, but with less side effects and I responded really well. I made lots of eggs so they may give you clomid again unless they feel that you'll do better with injectables. I guess you'll have a better picture after you finish the BC. Good luck!


Sara - January 11

Hi, thanks for the info. Glad you produce lots of eggs. I hope it all works out for you. Is this your 1st child? I do feel confident I will get prgnant either with the IUI or if we have to do IVF. Both dh and I are healthy and other than I don't ovulate every month (or too early) there are no other problems. I wish you all the luck!!


babybaby - January 11

Thanks Sara! It is great to be so confident. I wish I could be like that, but sometimes I get very scared of never been able to have children. It will be our first. We are also young and healthy, but we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility which is very frustrating... Good Luck to you too!



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