Colposcopy anyone?
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Melissa - December 17

Ashley- I'm not sure what the discharge would be. It's been 3 years, so I don't remember much-just that I worked the next day & didn't feel like being there. I don't remember any discharge. I did look up on some websites & found this info:

Call your doctor right away if you have any of the following problems after your colposcopy:

Heavy vaginal bleeding (using more than one sanitary pad per hour).
Lower abdominal pain.
Fever, chills or a bad-smelling vaginal odor.

Will your doctor call you this week with your biopsy results? If you don' t have any of those symptoms, I would probably wait & mention your discharge to the doctor if he/she is calling you unless it worsens.


Ashley - December 18

the doc told me that i would be 10 days to two weeks before they had my results. i guess i will just wait until then. there is no smell, it is just abundant...kinda strange


in NC - December 21

Ashley...any more about the discharge? I have not had internet for some days so thought I'd check in. are you? Just checking and sending baby dust to all of us.


Melissa - December 21

NC & Ashley-

I was also wondering if the discharge went away. I'm doing fine---I'm a music teacher & we just had our huge Christmas musical last night, and started vacation today, so I'm ready to RELAX & enjoy the holidays! Hope you're both well!


in NC - December 22

Hey Melissa....I am a teacher also. I teacher special needs preschoolers in the morning until 11:30am and then I work at our central office as the coordinator for special needs preschoolers. Our break begin today also until Jan. 2nd. A much needed break.


Ashley - December 22

hey ladies...well, i think the discharge was me ovulating because i got a + opk! so me and my dh did a lot of bd!!! in the past few days. i also got my results back from the colpo. the doc said that the biopsy spots came back grade 1, mild but he said they wanted to do a leep procedure anyway just in case. when i told him no he was like, "okay." i also told him i would be finding a new doc. my hubby and i decided that we would find a doc outside the military and just pay out of pocket for it...better start saving! hopefully though, i will just find out i am pregnant in about two weeks! happy new year to us!


in NC - December 22

Ashley...I am sorry you have to go outside the military. I also have grade 1 (mild) and my new OB said treatment should be paps every 4 months not chop our cervix. He said as long as it does not is okay. I wish you lots of luck and hope it has worked for you. is it going?


Gina - December 28

Hi Ladies, after reading all of your experienced with abnomal paps I thought I would share mine. Hopefully it will shed some light on your questions. In 1990 I had an abnormal pap when I was in college. Had colonoscopy done, diagnosed with mild dysplasia. They snipped 3 abnormal cells the last snip which nearly sent me flying off the table in pain. Had the freezing procedure done and had discharge for over a month and yes smelly it was. Since then I have not had an abormal pap but the bigger problem now is that my husband and I are having a terrible time getting pregnant. Seems the procedure damaged my cervix (not suppose to but it did) and the little sperm are not getting through. I think my Ob/Gyn called it Stenosis. Did IUI in October got pregnant with twins but lost them at 10 weeks. Also have MTHFR a double wammy. Been taking the daily dose of baby aprin vitamin B6 and 12 with prescription folic acid and hopefully when we do the IUI again in February everything will be ok. Best of luck to all of you.


Melissa - January 6

Just checking in with you ladies...hope everyone had happy holidays. Good luck with your upcoming IUI next month, Gina! Baby dust to everyone....


Ashleyg - January 7

hey there...its Ashley...i had to register with my last initial...anyways, started my first round of clomid a few days ago. i take the last pill of this cycle tonight and HOPEFULLY i will ovulate sometime in the next ten days! so exciting!!!!!!! how is everyone else doing? hope you all had a nice holiday!


Gina - January 12

Hi, How is everyone doing. Well I do beleive that our attempt to conceive failed as I am already having some bleeding and I am not due for A/F until Monday so it looks as if we will do the IUI with this next cycle. I always have some spotting/bleeding about 6 days after I ovulate and it lasts until A/F anyone else expereience this? I am older 38 but my hormone levels are all fine. Any thoughts?



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