Colposcopy anyone?
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Ashley - December 14

I had been going to RE clinic because my dh and i have been ttc for almost a year. they told me i was not ovulating regularly and they were going to put me on clomid as soon as the got all my test results back (assuming they were all normal). i ended up getting an abnormal pap (high grade abnormality) and they did a colposcopy today. the RE clinic wont see me anymore until the colposcopy clinic releases me...they told me it could be up to a year, if everything goes well, before they release me...anyone having probs like this?


in NC - December 15

Ashley.....I had normal paps until 2003 when first abnormal showed. A colposcopy was done which came back as mild displasgia (not sure if it is the same as you). I again went back at 4 months and abnormal...again another colposcopy. During 2003, I had 3 total. In July of 2004, we got pregnant and miscarried at 6 weeks. After, went back to ob and he did a pap and he returned abnormal. he asked me to have the LEAP done (which I refused). I left that practice in Dec 2004 and went to RE. I am still there. I had an ectopic pregnancy in Sept. 2005. My new ob said he would no longer "chop" away at my cervix, just monitor paps. My another opinion and if there is another RE practice, maybe change. Ask lots of questions and make sure you understand why they say it will take up to a year. I hope this info helps...Good luck


Melissa - December 15

My very first pap came back abnormal. I had it repeated in 3 months (w/ a new doc, cuz I graduated college & moved). It also was abnormal, so I had a colposcopy in Dec. 2002. I also was diagnosed with mild displaysia. After that I had to have a pap every 3, and then 6 months, for a couple of years, and they have come back normal since. I am finally back to having yearly paps. We have had trouble ttc...been trying for 2 1/2 years. My infertility problem is endo, though, which is not related to the cervical problems at all. They probably want you to have a year of normal paps, before you try again, but like the other post says, ask lots of questions. I'm sorry you're having to go through this now---set backs are so frustrating & I know how hard it is to have patience with all of these issues. Good luck.


Ashley - December 15

unfortunately for me, my hubby is military...that means i am bound to military doctors. they are just not the best when it comes to health care...i tried to ask as many questions as i could think of, i even wrote some down before i got to the dr but i decided i would wait until after the procedure and i was not in very good condition right before i left. it is all very sad and i had to go alone because the military would not let my dh off work to go with me. to in NC-did the RE doc tell you that your abnormal results and the trouble you are having are related? guess i wont be getting a bfp for xmas


in NC - December 15 my infertility is not a result from abnormal paps. Neither RE or new OB have said anything about this affecting pregnancy. I have unexplained infertility since I have been pregnant twice. My RE thinks it has to do with my PCOS (which old OB was not treating). I began taking glucophage for PCOS and it increases CM. I am sorry you are stuck with military doctors. Is there more to pick from? I wish you luck.


Allie - December 15

Hi girls! I have had about 3 colposcopies done around 2003. My ob sent me to a specialist for my 4th who told me NOTHING was wrong with me!!! and I shouldn't have even been there to see him (specialist) - apparently I was also getting abnormal paps and signs of mild displasia, but it didn't amount to anything in the end. My dh and I have been ttc for about one year now. Do you think that the colpos have anything to do with me not getting pregnant? Thanks.


Ashley - December 15

in NC-as far as i know, when it comes to my dr, i am stuck with whoever they assign me to. Allie-i was wondering the same thing, if somehow me not getting pregnant and the issues i am having are related...


Allie - December 15

Ashley, my doctor DID specify that it would NOT effect me getting pregnant, but now I am wondering...........


Melissa - December 15

When I found out initially that there were problems with me getting pregnant from the results of my HSG I specifically asked the doctor if my abnormal paps & colposcopy were related to my problems. She said no- They were completely different issues.


Ashley - December 16

i am so anxious to get my results back because the sooner i get this issue taken care of, the sooner i can go back to the RE clinic and go on clomid! it is all so frustrating!!!


Ashley - December 16

oh yeah, i also wanted to know, did anyone have any strange discharge after the procedure? they told me i might have almost black, coffee grind looking discharge but i am actually having like a cloudy, lumpy looking cm with no smell (sorry tmi!) does that seem normal?


in NC - December 16

Ashley.... I do not remember any discharge. I will agree with everyone, my RE said it had nothing to do with my infertility. I questioned it all when I ended up with a miscarriage in 2004 and an ectopic in 2005. But...all has said NO. My new OB has confirmed with RE so I feel a little better. My new RE also said he would have never did as many colposcopy had I been there. He would have did change and repeated paps to monitor. Be careful how many you let them perform. Also, Ashley...any signs of PCOS? Do you ovulate on a regular basis by yourself? If so, not PCOS. I also have PCOS which clomid did nothing for so moved to injectables. Good luck to all...


Ashley - December 16

i had a m/c in june so the dr told me i only ovulate some cycles. also, i have have very irregular cycles since i went off the pill in feb. (i was on it for 10 years). when i first went in to see the RE, he did a pelvic ultrasound and ran all kinds of labs and told me that i did not have PCOS. the discharge thing is just freaking me blood though


Melissa - December 16

Ashley, I don't remember anything about a discharge either, but do remember I bled during & after the colposcopy & had wierd crampy-pulling feelings. I agree with "in NC" about not letting them do any more to you unless totally necessary. I remember my doctor saying she wouldn't want to hurt my cervix with much more than a colposcopy (I gues she meant Leap)before I had kids. I hope your lab comes back with good results---I am thinking about you & know it's tough having to be patient when ttc.


inNC - December 17

Ashley and Melissa...we sound like we have some of the same issues. Melissa..Both my RE nad OB said they would not do anything more while trying to conceive. OB said if pap is same as last year, monitoring is all that is needed not chopping away at a cervix. Ashley...just be safe even if it is a military doctor. best of luck to all in here.


Ashley - December 17

okay girls, today i am having discharge that looks kinda like snot (sorry again for the tmi!) should i call my doc? what could it be?


Melissa - December 17

Ashley- I'm not sure what the discharge would be. It's been 3 years, so I don't remember much-just that I worked the next day & didn't feel like being there. I don't remember any discharge. I did look up on some websites & found this info:

Call your doctor right away if you have any of the following problems after your colposcopy:

Heavy vaginal bleeding (using more than one sanitary pad per hour).
Lower abdominal pain.
Fever, chills or a bad-smelling vaginal odor.

Will your doctor call you this week with your biopsy results? If you don' t have any of those symptoms, I would probably wait & mention your discharge to the doctor if he/she is calling you unless it worsens.



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