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soimpatient - June 26

Ooops sorry, you got your BFP on many dpo did that make you?


ColleenD - June 26

I was 11 dpo when I got my first light BFP. So far I feel okay. Just tender BBs, bloated, and sick stomach that comes and goes. DH is really excited. He says he can see that I am preg by looking at my face. Hope you're next! Called the Dr. today. The nurse said they usually wait til 8 weeks to see a patient. I told her about my problems, so she set me up for Friday morning. Good luck with your appointment. I'll keep you posted.


soimpatient - June 28

Hi Colleen, well, I went to the doctor today and he upped my dose. I started provera today and then I will take 100mg cd5-9. I wish you the best throughout your pregnancy...stop by once in a while to let us know how you are doing!



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