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soimpatient - June 11

Hey colleen...I lost you there for a while! I just wanted to see how things are going? I am on cd11 (I used clomid 5-9) The hot flashes are the only really bad side effect I have had. Every night since cd 7 I have been waking up with sweats and I can't fall back asleep...its pretty rough. I have also been pretty emotional but that could also be from the fact that I am frustrated with all of this TTC...I'm going on 10 months now:( Anyway, what's new with you?


ColleenD - June 12

Hey! I checked last night and didn't see your post. Sorry. I'm about 3 dpo, depending which day I actually O'd. I know what you mean about frustration. I have lost track of how long it has been. Somewhere between 2&3 years. I'm sorry you're having such a bad reaction to the clomid. How high was your dose? You only have a couple more days to wait for your ultrasound, right? Is it cd15 for you? If your doctor does not see the results he wants, I might ask about using it earlier. I took it 3-7 and I have heard that that is kind of the new thinking. Did your dr. say anything about a trigger shot? Hope you're feeling better.


soimpatient - June 12

Hey Colleen! So you're now in the tourcherous TWW!! What cd are you on? I do have my ultrasound on the 15th (good memory). My dose is only 50mg...I can't even imagine the hot flashes if my dose were higher!! So, are you feeling confident about this cycle? Did you get lots of bd-ing in!? Are you using OPKs? When are you going to start testing? I'm a test -aholic and I usually start testing at 10DPO (I've even been known to take a test earlier than that!!) My doc hasn't said anything about a trigger shot. I have my ultrasound on the 15th and then I go back to see him/get the results on the 28th. I guess he wanted to see how I responded to the clomid after one full cycle. Anyway, sorry for all the questions! Have a good day!


ColleenD - June 12

Hi! I'm on CD19 today. TWW AHHH!! I hate that! My dose was 50mg too. Maybe the effect won't get any worse. Maybe you won't need to increase your dose. Maybe this will be the only month you'll need to take it:) I hope for the last one for you!! I feel really good about this cycle because I know we definately BD'd at the right time. We BD'd 5 times in 4 days- CD 14-17. Profasi trigger shot on CD 14. I used Answer OPK - LH surge (I think) on CD16. So those are all of my numbers that I am obsessing over. My mom is like my best friend. She is so supportive. I'm sure I am driving her nuts with all this, but she is very sweet about and looking forward to a grandchild. She is going to babysit for me. I went to walmart this morning and saw the cutest pasifier with Ohio St. University-DH's favorite college football team. It was $6.50!!!! I bought it anyway. I am trying to possitive. I am TOTALLY a test-aholic too. I need TA (testers anonomous). If your dr. gives you a trigger shot they have hcg in them. This will give you a false + if you test too soon. I think I saw that I have to wait until about 16dpo to start testing. By then it will be about time for AF. I had to start using the dollar store tests because I was testing so much. They are supposed to be good because they test for as little as 25mg of hcg I think is what it said. I am going to TRY to hold off until next weekend- around the 23rd. Maybe they will see if you release the egg on your own. I would definately use an OPK starting soon. Do you know when you usually O or have you been having O problems like me? How long is you cycle? They say clomid can lengthen your cycle. I don't mind your questions at all. As you can see, I asked just as many:) I thought the ultrasound was interesting. Did you say you are in Canada? I don't know if there is a change in proceedures or whether you see the same dr. each time. I have a sweet little female dr. She is wonderful and makes me feel very comfortable. She explained everything before and as she was doing it. I hope you have someone just like that on the 15th. Good luck!


ColleenD - June 12

Woah!! Sorry I types sooo much:) Blessings!


soimpatient - June 12

Hey Colleen, well you certainly seem to have a positive attitude which is so refreshing! I would say that your odds are pretty good this month...especially since you had a trigger shot. I hope clomid does not make my cycles any longer than they already were (40-60days!). I did not ovulate regularly (if at all) I had very low progesterone levels. So what are you going to do???? You know...about testing this month??? If you can't test early b/c of the risk of false positives you are going to suffer from testing withdrawal!!! What did your doc say? I am from Canada and I have a different ultrasound technician pretty much every time I go. Although, I've been going for ultrasounds pretty regularly because of my cysts so I'm getting to know them quite well:) Where are you from? Wow, 2-3 years of must be getting really anxious. I had a bad day today...I felt really "soimpatient". I guess I go through phases...some days are easier than others. Today my SIL gave birth to her 6th child and I found that really hard to deal with. Even though I am happy for her, it doesn't seem fair that I can't even have one. As for the $6.50 pacifier, I say go splurge on baby stuff now cause when your little one actually comes you are probably going to find excuses to spend the money on other things. I have to admit, I have a couple of little items set aside for our unconceived child:) I even have "the expectant father" book that I plan to give to DH "when" we get preggos. I haven't bought any maternity clothes yet...but I'm sure I'm not far off! I really sound like a loser! is really nice chatting with you and you sound like a really nice person. It was nice coming home from a hard day at work to read your message. I hope that this is your month!


ColleenD - June 13

Hey! I am in Ohio. Wow you do have a long cycle. I hope that gets straightened out. Have they mentioned that they can do anythinf for that? Maybe the clomid will work the other way and make you more regular. I have heard that people use it for that. Can't they give you something for your progesterone level. I will test next Friday if I don't see any signs of AF. I want to test now if I could. I know I did all I could do to get a BFP, but who knows. I think I read that even fertile couples only have a 25-30% chance each month. My dr. didn't tell me anything about testing. I guess it is just carry on as always until no AF. I know what you mean about the good days and bad days. Little things can really trigger you. Wow- six kids. That would make me sad too. It's like-"What is so wrong with me having just one?" Is that too much to ask? I don't think so. It is good that you have a familiarity with the u/s techs. I am sure that makes you more comfortable. My dr. did mine. I think having a few things set aside for the baby just means that we are not giving into the negative feelings. I have to admit that I got a good deal on some maternity jeans on Ebay about a year ago. They are hanging in the back of my closet. I also have saved some "fat clothes" because I think I could wear them when I get preg. Oh well, here is to hoping! It is so nice chatting with you. You are so sweet!!! Maybe this will be out month.


ColleenD - June 15

Just checking in. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow. Let me know what happens!!


soimpatient - June 15

Hi Colleen, I just got back from the ultrasound and the technician said that my follicals are not maturing and that my endometial lining is very thin. In other words, I am not responding to the clomid. I am so devastated. I was really hopeful and now I feel so disappointed. I don't go to see my gyn until the 28th and so I have to spend the next 2 weeks waiting to find out what the next step is. I'm running out of ways to cope with the contstant disappointment. Anyway, I hope things are going better for you. Any symptoms yet? How many DPO are you?


ColleenD - June 16

NOOOOOOOO!!!! I am so sorry. Crap!!! Any ideas what is next? Maybe a larger dose? I was looking forward to some good news. I think I am only 5dpo. I think I O'd late Friday/ early Saturday. I took a test this morning!!! I know-Testaholic!!! The reason I did it is that I wanted to see if the HCG is still showing up for the profasi shot. It is not. So now if I want to test I can and it shouldn't show up with a false +. So I am ready to test:) I am not very hopeful right now. I have been let down so many times before. Here is hoping!!


soimpatient - June 17

Hi Colleen, I'm doing better now. I was really upset after my ultrasound but I had a couple of glasses of wine and collected my thoughts and I am back on track on the quest for baby :) I even went to visit my baby nephew (5 days old) and handled it very well! SOOOOOO....any news! Sorry for your BFN but you were probably just too early. I am the same as you! I test starting 9DPO...okay I probably have a couple of earlier ones in there! There are some girls on here who don't want to test until they are 1 week late for AF because they would rather have the hope of being pregnant instead of getting a BFN. I would rather know the "second" that a BFP could be possible. Unfortunately, I spend a "fortune" on OPKs, HPTs, Preseed, Fertility Friend etc...but I guess that is my control freak personality coming out. Anyway, I just wanted to check in and see what's new and to let you know that I am thinking of you. Oh, P.S. I think that you are very strong for handling the clomid Side Effects on your own. I can't imagine having to go throu those without DH.


BabyRN - June 17

soimpatient-I was just going though the site and happened to fall on to your thread. I too had relly long cycles 38-40 days. My dr put me on glucophage along with the clomid and it straightened my cycle right out. I am now every 26-18days. It slowly happened, the 1st mo I was on it I was 30 days, 2nd month 29 days, etc. Maybe you should ask your dr what he/she thinks. I also had the terrible hot flashes from the 50mg clomid, the switched me to femera 2.5mg. It is similar to the clomid but without the flashes and you are always on 2.5mg day 3-7. I'm still not pg but my cycles really just got regulated. Hope this helps. Sticky baby dust to you.


BabyRN - June 17

Sorry I meant 26-28 day cycles.


ColleenD - June 24

Hey soimpatient! Hope you are still out there and feeling okay. Hey BabyRN! You got you BFP on the 22nd right? Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you. Soimpatient, you were right. I tested too early. I got a BFP on Thursday!!!! WOOHOO!!!! I'm sending you the super powered Babydust******


ColleenD - June 26

Okay Soimpatient, Where are you? How are you feeling?


soimpatient - June 26

Oh Colleen!! I"m soo happy for you! Congratulations on your BFP. You & DH must be so ecstatic! When did you find out, how many dpo? symptoms? I want all of the juicy details! As for me, I still haven't O'd. I'm on cd26 and no sign of it. My cp is very closed. I am so disappointed that clomid didn't work for me. I am going to go back to the doctor on Wednesday and hopefully he will up my dose and give me a trigger shot. I wish I had seen your thread sooner! I hope to hear from you soon...and I'll the best as you move onto the pregnancy boards:)


soimpatient - June 26

Ooops sorry, you got your BFP on many dpo did that make you?



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